Just like last year and every other year, summer is of course going by way too fast! Luckily we’ve been taking advantage of the weather and soaking up as much Vitamin D as we can get.

Thus far we have:

Gone to a “destination” wedding for one of our favorite people, Jenni.

Enjoyed our favorite weekend in Orem, Summerfest.

been trying to play with our neighbors as much as possible.

Spent lots of time at Seven Peaks. Plus, Macey and Miles are currently taking swim lessons at the city pool and Macey is also in private swim lessons. They cannot get enough of the water, and luckily I can’t either. Macey has turned into quite the little swimmer and swims across the pool by herself without much trouble.

Painted outside, multiple times. I don’t handle art too well in my house, but I don’t mind it one bit when I can just hose them off when they’re done.


We attempted to go camping over the 4th, but that would just create a huge picture overload, so I’ll have to blog about that later.

Good thing we still have at least 2 more months of nice, hot weather. We sure do love summer around here.