Last night Paul took Macey and I to the most impressive light display I have ever seen in person. He didn’t tell me where I was going when I got in the car, but when he said it’s by the Purple Turtle I knew it would be good.

This guy programed his lights to different christmas songs, much like the ones I’m sure you’ve seen on the internet. He used 45,000 lights, 5,500 feet of extension cord, and 192 switches (that means he has 192 sets of lights he can turn on and off at any given time). Unfortunately Macey slept through the whole thing, but she’ll be more impressed with it next year anyways. Since I can’t do it justice by my explanation here’s a link to the videos. My favorite ones are The Carol of the Bells and Music Box. Enjoy!!!

The Other Videos!

If you live in Utah and haven’t seen these lights yet, here are the directions.