I LOVE Easter. It’s the combination of the candy, the food, the traditions, the season, the new clothes, and of course the reason we’re actually celebrating, that makes it one of my favorite holidays.

This year we continued with the tradition of our neighborhood egg hunt. I didn’t get too many good pictures, because I was too busy trying to make sure my kids got lots of candy. :)

Miles loved it way more than I thought he would. Here he is emptying the eggs he found and then re-putting them in his basket. We have now discovered he has an obsession with starburst jellybeans.

One of our neighbors hid bubble wands for all the kids, it was Macey’s favorite.

Now, onto the actual holiday.

I tried to get Easter pictures before heading out the door to the church this afternoon. Here’s how it went:

laughing hysterically at nothing:

spotting the fake dog on our neighbor’s porch:

1 happy, 1 pouting:

The Crazies set in:

The best I could get:

And our attempted family picture:

Maybe I’ll do better next year, but I doubt it.

We have a long standing tradition (5 years) of playing Monster Baseball on Easter, but sadly we had to break tradition this year. In order to try to fill the void, we played Egg Wars instead. It turned out to be quite entertaining.

The goal is simple- knock out your opponents yolk first. The last egg standing wins.

Shaunna was the big winner, her egg amazingly was still pretty well intact.

I have a few things to tweak for next year, like pad the sides of the arena and have fabulous prizes. But, I think we found a new tradition.

It was a great Easter, even though I forgot to get a group picture for the first time in like 6 years! I am always grateful for this time of year when I feel like I can be renewed and am reminded that, even though things get hard sometimes, Sunday will come.