Macey currently LOVES to dress up, more specifically though she likes to dress up as a princess, or as she calls herself- Cinderella Macey. She has been to my work out group, multiple dr visits, many friend’s houses, and even more stores dressed up as a princess.

She pretty much has to wear a skirt, tutu, or her Cinderella dress everyday. She prefers to accessorize these outfits with “slippers” (heels) and multiple necklaces. Once the outfit is complete she then turns music on and dances around singing “it’s wonderful” over and over again.

Since I think these pics are so funny and cute,I’m going to post a bunch. I know the Nana’s will at least enjoy them as much as I do. :)

Here is Macey’s current outfit, it’s actually one of my favorites:
She wanted this shirt at the store because it was “just like Guitar Hero”!

Here are a few of her other everyday looks:

Here she is cooking “like Cinderella”:

She also loves to wear my boots and heels, her current favs are these zebra print boots:

Macey keeps me smiling all day with her pretend play! Sometimes I wish I could just freeze her at this age, because I never want to forget all the funny things she does and comes up with.