Why does every baby have to grow up quicker than the one before?!

I want to just freeze her at this age for a few more months, you know, before she starts moving and getting into things!

4 month stats:
weight: 17 lbs 11 oz  95%
length: 25 1/2 inches  87%

Shockingly, her growth has slightly slowed down and Crew wins for our biggest 4 month old. 

Ruby’s biggest accomplishment this past month includes rolling from her back to tummy.  When she first started doing it a month ago, I was hoping it was a fluke. But, nope, she’s a rolling master.  

She has zero interest in a pacifier, but is still obsessed with finger sucking.
She is still sleeping a consistent 11 hours at night and I make sure to thank her every morning at 8:15 when I get her out of bed.  Don’t worry though, she rarely cries in the morning, when I peek in to check on her she’s usually just laying in her bed looking around and smiling.  

Ruby continues to be an extremely content baby, and as such, she has pretty much become the favorite around here.  

Everyone has accomplished the task of getting her to laugh this past month.  But, I am pretty sure Miles wins for most laughs gotten.  

As you can tell, this girl is just loving life and we are loving her.