Well, one month has come and gone, but I still need to document the expeditious growth of this baby before she passes the 2 month mark. 
She’s pretty much a doll and wins over everyone she meets with her chub and hair.

She had us a little worried about her level of fussiness around the 3 week mark, but it didn’t last too long and she is turning out to be a pretty easy going baby.

She still has 1 fussy period everyday in the evening, but I don’t mind it too much since she’s so cooperative during the day.

One day in the car Miles shouted “Ruby has brown eyes like me!”  Sure enough, upon further investigation, it looks like she will have brown eyes. That will make us 3 blue and 3 brown.  Macey’s of course disappointed that it looks like she won’t have blue like her, but Miles couldn’t be happier.

And I just couldn’t resist doing a 1 month comparison of all my babies. 

I think they all look quite different, but obviously related.