Miles doesn’t quite know what to think now that his Nana is gone and he is left in the care of just us.
(you’ll notice he has mittens on in most of his pictures, he loves to have his hands up by his face.)

We are so sad my parents had to leave, I don’t know how I would of survived without them here! It was so nice to have the extra hands around the house and when we ventured out into the real world. I know Macey and Miles will definitely miss the extra attention and but I think I might miss it the most. :)

Here’s some pictures from Miles’ first week at home!! I can’t believe he’s already one week old.

My Dad got to have my ticket to the Airforce football game, as I didn’t feel like going 2 days after I had a baby. Miles was all decked out in his football attire to cheer for the Cougars.

My mom was the BEST at calming Miles down and getting him to fall asleep, we will miss her magic touch.

Macey doesn’t venture too near to Miles, so we were happy when she sat by him for like 10 seconds.

Macey checking out “baby brother” when we got home from the hospital.

One week old!

Miles’ first Thanksgiving at Cracker Barrel, he slept right through it.

Now, it’s just the four of us, we’re excited and a bit scared to see how it all goes.