Today did not start out so well. I picked the wrong line at the grocery store and it was way past nap time, the printer needed new ink, Paul didn’t take the garbage out, and the show I wanted to watch On Demand wouldn’t work. But, there was no way I could feel grouchy today, because it finally felt like spring!! So, despite the snow we had this weekend, it is defiantly spring around our house. I forgot how warm 57 degrees can feel!

How we can tell spring is (almost) here:
1. We ate hot dogs last night for dinner.
2. I got super yummy strawberries at the grocery store
3. the windows get to be down in the car and open in the house.
4. We didn’t have to wear sweatshirts to the park.
5. It is still light out at 7pm
6. I have a desire to eat healthier and work out ( I think it’s because summer is quickly approaching)
7. We’re going to eat dinner and slackline at the park tonight