It’s been awhile since Miles has gotten his very own blog post and he defiantly deserves it, since he pretty much is the cutest baby ever! You might not agree with me, but I am almost positive he is. But, then again I suppose I am a bit biased.

Somethings You Might Want to Know About Miles

aka- The Cutest Baby Ever

at 8 Months Old:

Not only do we think Miles is quite cute, we also think he’s a pretty good and mellow baby. That is, until you walk by his crib. He pretty much freaks out if he even thinks you’re going to put him in it, makes for a noisy bedtime.

He was happy as could be to play on the cement while watching Macey’s swim lessons.

Miles is a very vocal baby. He is constantly talking, screaming, laughing, or yelling.

Here is a typical face for Miles:

He is working on getting 6 teeth in this month and it looks like the last two are just starting to poke through, thank goodness.

I am discovering that Miles is very much a boy. He loves balls, cars, and trucks (Macey likes these things too, but not with the same passion as Miles). And he also loves to hit and bang things, I have many bruises on my legs from getting smacked with toys.

Miles holds most all of his toys like a football.

Miles is quite the social butterfly, and he often scares other babies because he’s screaming out of excitement to have a new friend to “play” with. He also doesn’t mind being left with babysitters (macey minded), which makes me very happy.

Miles loves to cuddle. He is always giving hugs and I seriously cannot get enough.

As you can tell, he is already a ladies man.

I’m going to say it for the millionith time, he is growing way too fast!!