When we saw that Mary Poppins was playing at Tuachan, we knew it would be the perfect destination for this years Roommate Reunion.  We also decided to bring our girls with us and they couldn’t of been more excited to be included in the festivities.  

Macey was so excited, she wanted to match clothing everyday.  Lucky for me she settled for the first day.  We wore orange and white strips.

Michelle and I agreed it was our most relaxing road trip to date.  The 3 girls just entertained themselves on the drive and there was no whining at all.  

Macey and Amaryllis were quite happy to be reunited and even more excited that we shared a room together.  

We lucked out with the weather, it could not of been more perfect for July in St. George.  The evening of the play was a perfect 76 degrees.  

I didn’t get any good pictures of the red rocks in the background, but it was gorgeous!  If you haven’t got to see a play at Tuachan, go!

We could not resist these Mary Poppin’s umbrellas and Macey was so happy to see that Mary Poppin’s had the exact same one in the play.

We loved the play and it was fun to hear the broadway songs.  The best though was watching the girls faces when they saw Mary Poppins fly and when the fireworks started.  Magical.  

We ate a lot.

Swam a lot. 

And we of course had to do a Favorite Things Party.  We did a separate one for the little girls and they loved it.
We then had to paint rainbow nails with all the new nail polishes they got.

Love these girls. 

And these ones of course too.  

Crazy how much changes in 13 years, but then how much stays the same.  

Can’t wait for our next adventure together.