Like the rest of you, life around here has been busy, crazy, and of course exciting!

We’ve been trying to enjoy all this time of year has to offer.

We went to 2 of our favorite light displays and if you live around here I highly recommend you check this one out. Macey and Miles both put up a big fuss when we had to leave.

Macey has turned into quite the big helper and loved assisting with all the holiday baking, which always makes it much more exciting and messy.

When my parents were here we took them to The Festival of Trees, which did not disappoint. Macey actually loved it, all the Toy Story trees of course helped that.

Even though it’s winter, we still like to spend as much time outside as the elements allow. Wednesday has turned into Macey’s favorite day, as it’s Snow Day at preschool. Meaning, she doesn’t have to come in when I get cold, her amazing preschool teacher lasts much longer than I do. And they’ve discovered the sled is a fun toy with or without snow.

Macey and Miles have also been spoiled with getting to have an early Christmas with my parents.

Yes, she was only slightly excited about all the presents she received. Brianne made her this amazing princess blanket, which is always close by.

This would be Miles throwing a fit because Paul wasn’t getting his toy out of the packaging fast enough. He has obviously figured out the present thing.

I LOVE shopping for their Christmas outfits and I of course thought they looked adorable all dressed up for church today.

Mies pulled off the bow tie like a champ and i think he made it look cool. :)

We still have a few more things to squeeze in before the big day arrives, but I’m just trying to relax and enjoy watching Macey and Miles soak in the season.