My baby turned one and, just like always, I cannot believe it! 

He is leaving his mellow baby days behind and is becoming a crazy and loud toddler.  Luckily he is just as happy as ever. Although I am getting nervous for the chaos I am pretty sure these 2 are going to cause together.  

He is obsessed with the stairs, but refuses to turn around and go down backwards.  I’m starting to get annoyed and it’s making it hard to get anything done.  I’m sure you’re wondering, “Why don’t you put up a baby gate?”.  Well, we’ve tried and a certain child just keeps ramming into them, and as a result, has caused a lot of paint to be lost on the walls.

He is also obsessed with balls and is constantly on the look out for them.  ”Ball” was also his first word.  He also will sometimes say “uh-oh” and “boo-t” (book).

His favorite foods include strawberries, cheese, bananas, spaghetti, and ice-cream.  

He loves to get into things and can sense if a cupboard or door has been left open. His current favorite places to make mischief are the bathrooms, Miles’ bed, and the garbage.  He also loves the water, any sort of attention, and playing outside.

All good pictures are courtesy of h Rob Photography

As far as celebrations go, we didn’t do much on his actual birthday.   We played with his new water table, went to a grilled cheese restaurant for dinner, and of course got icecream.

When we got to Texas though, we had a beach ball themed party.  It was the perfect excuse to get to see all of Paul’s family.  

There are actually 5 of us with June birthday’s, so Nancy was sweet and made sure to put our names on the cake too.  Besides, his party was actually on mine and Albert’s birthdays.  

And it really turned out to be the perfect theme for this boy.

Crew’s One Year Stats:
Weight: 25 lbs 3 oz 79th percentile
Height: 32.5 in  98th percentile
Head: 49.5 cm  98th percentile

And here’s a one year comparison for you:

I am pretty sad to be leaving Crew’s baby days behind, he has been a pretty perfect baby. Sometimes I even feel guilty that I got this baby, but then I remember my other ones and figure I kind of earned him. :)

Love this boy and am excited to enter the craziness that I know is ahead of us!