Here’s how it all went down for those that care:

I went in for my appt. Monday morning ready to schedule my induction for Thursday. After my Dr. checked me, he couldn’t believe I wasn’t in labor and was slightly stressed that if I went into labor on my own I wouldn’t make it to the hospital. I agreed ( I would agree to anything at this point to get this baby out!). I was dilated to a 5, 100% effaced, baby in -1 position. He asked if I just wanted to head over to the hospital right then, but I requested a few more hours. So, we settled on Tuesday at noon, hoping I’d make it until then.

Here’s how it went down, it was happily very boring. :)
12:00 arrive at hospital and settle into the 2nd best room (it was huge).
12:30 Get my butt kicked by Paul in skip bo
1:00 Get my epidural started
2:00 Finally get my epidural right and start pitocin
3:30 my dr. finished all his appts so he came to break my water (I’m still at 5cm at this point)
4:00 nurse checks me, I’m at 10 cm. they run around and get everything ready.
4:10 start to push
4:22 Baby Boy is born!

After my hardest pregnancy I was happy to experience my easiest birth yet! There was no fainting, my epidural worked properly (macey’s wasn’t enough, Miles’ was too much), no oxygen mask, no throwing up, and no stitches even!

He was a screamer and didn’t calm down for a few hours, other than that he’s been pretty mellow. I know it’s there though, he’s just waiting for the right moment to bring it back out.

The thing we had the most difficultly with was deciding upon a name! The next afternoon I finally just told Paul to choose from our narrowed down list.

So, Crew Ruffin it is.

I know it’s slightly unique, but we figure Crew can pull it off.

My hospital stay was awesome. The food was great. Loved all my nurses. And it was a nice little vacation with just Paul and Crew. Besides, knowing my kids were in the care of Jenni, made it much easier to relax too.

I was sad to leave, but I am excited to jump into my life with 3 crazy kids.

*for those that are interested, Amalie you guessed the correct date and Jeanine you got the gender and weight right. Good Work! Sadly, no one got them all right, so I guess Paul will be keeping his money.