We just returned from my most favorite vacation spot ever, Lake Pearrygin!

As such, I am currently suffering from The Pearrygin Blues. They always set in the moment I drive away and catch the last glimpse of the lake. This year they are hitting me especially hard, as I don’t know when I will get to return. Luckily we had an awesome time to tide us over until our next visit.

Here’s most of our group this year.

One thing that makes Pearrygin so great is there is nothing else to do other than hang out at the lake. So, it forces everyone to spend lots of time together and come up with entertaining things to do.

Some of the happenings this year included:
Tubing. Macey had to get in on the action too and tubed all by herself! In this picture she has her hands up, she is extremely brave when it comes to anything with water.

Quadruple kneeboarding. We were pretty amazing.


I finally decided to wake board and Paul jumped the entire wake for the first time without face planting.

Playing Wipeout. One of the more entertaining events of the week.

The return of Extreme Air Mattressing.

I didn’t get a picture this year, but this is of Paul and Brenden doing it 5 years ago.

Monster Baseball.

Lots of swimming and floating. Macey could not get enough of the water and was swimming all over by the end of the week.

Cousin time.

Boat Riding. Macey and Jaxon LOVED to be the spotters. Luckily Pop-Pop had more than 1 flag.

And plenty of lounging.

There were of course a few moments at 2:00 am where I wondered what the heck we were thinking driving 15 hours to camp with a 8 month old and a dramatic 3 yr old. But, it was well worth the drive and lack of sleep, as Macey and Miles had the time of their lives. Plus, we had a pretty good time too.

On the way home Macey asked where Lake Pearrygin was, where Nana, Pop-Pop, Kaylin, and Jaxon all lived. When she realized they are all in Washington she announced that she wants to live in Washington. I’m glad we are now on the same page.