I decided Macey and I needed to squeeze one more flight in before she turned 2 and we had to start buying her a ticket . :(
(Just as side note, from my experience flying with a 2 year old is like Heaven compared to flying w/ a baby or one year old)

We had the most wonderful time in Bellingham! Every time we go to Washington we’re always pressed for time and I never get to see all the people I want to. So, that’s what we did this trip. We visited. I got to catch up with old friends, visit with my grandparents and most importantly Macey spent lots of time with Nana and Grandpa.

One of the highlights of the trip for me was seeing Macey play with her cousin Kaylin. They had so much fun with each other and we can’t wait for Kaylin to come visit us in the spring.

here’s some pictures of Macey and Kaylin:

We also celebrated Macey and Kaylin’s birthdays while we were there and they were of course spoiled! It was funny to see their personalities come out as they ate their cake. Macey had 2 pieces devoured before Kaylin had even finished licking the frosting off her cupcake.

Notice how Macey has finished her first cupcake and Kaylin is just beginning. :)

The best part, of course, though was Macey getting to spend time with her grandparents.

Thanks for letting us come visit for so long! Now it’s back to reality and responsibilities.