I haven’t gotten my real camera out since Christmas, so I have become extremely grateful that my new phone takes much better much pics than my last one. And the fact that they upload to my computer w/o a cord or me having to do anything… priceless.

One of the more exciting things that has happened around here is, I put real clothes on! This may seem minor, but believe me it isn’t. Besides, the weight I’ve lost has helped me to fit into clothes that haven’t fit for quite sometime. :)

To celebrate the fact that I no longer lay on the couch all day, we’ve been doing lots of art. Since it’s still too much work for me to actually leave the house. :)

After this particular session, I had to lay on the couch for the next few hours to recover though. Luckily Miles’ smile ended up making it worth my while.

We were thrilled we finally got snow to play in. And I was happy I had enough energy to, not only get kids dressed for the snow, but also go out and actually play in it with them.

Miles ended up having to be contained indoors while we finished our snowman, because he kept tackling them. Oh, Miles.

Macey has decided that in her dream world it would snow for half of the day and then be hot the other half. That way she could do her two favorite things each day, play in the snow and play in the water. I told her she might just have to settle for summer and winter, she seemed ok with that.

Another common Miles behavior, emptying everything. This is what happened while Macey and I were cleaning out her dressup closet. Most days I don’t know what to do with that kid, luckily I think he’s the cutest thing, so I haven’t given him away just yet.

On a side note, I’ve noticed there are a few things that make me (probably most mom’s) very happy. Although I know they really have nothing to do with my parenting skills (which are pretty non existent at the moment), I can’t help but smile when I see them happen.

The first is, catching them reading.

and the second, when they’re actually enjoying hanging out together.

Makes all the millions of messes, all my throwing up, and all the tantrums, somehow worth it.

And another thing that has made this week much more bearable, tomorrow I have my ultra sound! Macey can’t wait to see pictures of the baby, and neither can I.