Paul has now been sick for a whole week and he hasn’t been to work either! He went to the doctors today and they ran some tests and are going to get back to him with the results this weekend. The doctor thinks it is either West Nile Virus or Mono?! Neither of those sound too good to me. Paul is now getting back at me for the all the things I made him do while I was pregnant and puking. I even peeled an apple for him today, just like he used to do for me. I cannot wait until he feels better! I didn’t realize how much he does around here other than taking the trash out. The only thing I’m jealous about with Paul being sick is that he doesn’t have to talk at church on Sunday and I still do. = (
Oh well, at least he won’t be there to laugh at me when I mess up. Hopefully the doctors will figure out what weird virus he has contracted before it’s too late.