I am finally feeling better!!! Monday of this week marked the first, of hopefully many, “I don’t feel like I’m going to puke at every moment” day. To celebrate I decided it was time to take Macey out on the town and do the “normal” summer things.

First we went to Canopy Capers at the Provo Library and lucky for us the theme was dragons.

After being entertained by the wonderful library storytellers, we headed over to BYU’s Botany Pond to feed the ducks. The ducks on the land were getting a bit to close for Macey’s comfort, so we moved to feeding the ones in the water and this proved to be much less frightening.

We of course had to end our hot summer afternoon with a cold treat and headed over to Dairy Queen.

Macey of course only takes monster size bites.

I hope we can have many more summer afternoons like this one, because I am tired of laying on the couch and Macey is growing up way too fast!