Here I am with my awesome roommates (Megan, Michelle, and Emily) around 9 years ago! I know, we’re that old.

I love these girls. We’ve had a lot good times together. Some of my best memories ever are with these three.

Emily and I used to always talk/dream about how we’d live across the street from each other when we got old (meaning now). Well, today it felt like we were neighbors as we sat in the grass chatting as our kids played. She even brought me the mayo I needed for our chicken salad sandwiches.

Here is our group now:

We used to talk about school, the boys we liked, cwicing, how many more kool-aid points we needed, scootering, and the hot dates we had lined up.

Today we talked about recipes, crafts, kids, jobs, houses, and husbands. Even though our topics were a bit different, it was just as fun.

It is insane that we have this many kids between the four of us! I just don’t think we’re old enough.

It was crazy at my house today with 9 kids running around, but it was the good kind of crazy. Plus, they made sure my house was put back together before they left! You can’t really ask for better friends.

Oh, and here’s the love birds, Miles and Kensington.

I pray that my kids make friends like these when they go to college. I can’t wait for the next roommate reunion!