I am now on day 22 of bedrest. It doesn’t sound like that long, but it definitely has felt long. I’m trying not to get my hopes up, but I should be done with this in less than 2 weeks!

There are a few things I’ve learned while being stuck on the couch. The main being I am surrounded, and I mean surrounded, by really awesome people. A day has not gone by where a friend hasn’t texted me to see if I need something at Target or if they can take my kids or to check how I’m surviving or even if they can just come keep me company. And I just got a text from Jenni saying she’s coming to clean again this week. See what I mean, surrounded.

Emily drove up from CA just to be my slave for the week. She cleaned my house, did laundry, took care of Miles, and entertained me. All while I bossed her around from the couch.

I told my ward we only needed meals 2x a week. They knew better and made sure we had meals coming in M-F. Which makes Paul’s life about a million times easier.

A friend, whose also my Visiting Teacher, took it upon herself to organize babysitting every morning for Macey and Miles. My kids are having a blast going to different people’s houses and come home happy and tired. Macey even skipped gymnastics today (her favorite thing) because she didn’t want to miss out on playing with her friends.

My neighbor just took Miles over to her house to help her make cookies. I know how “helpful” Miles is, she’s a saint.

My bff from growing up called to see if she could fly all the way out here from WA to help me. Just that she wanted to, made me about cry.

And today I got to hold this cute baby while Michelle made me lunch, swept my floors and even did some laundry.

While I’ve found bed rest to be slightly boring and depressing at times, being surrounded by so many amazing people makes it much, much easier. 11 days (hopefully) to go!