We did it, we’ve (hopefully) survived the worst of winter!

The last few days we’ve spent as much time outside as possible! Macey’s knees are already bruised and scraped up, just like a girl that plays hard should have.

Today I even got to wash an entire kitchen full of dishes in peace while Macey played in the backyard! I forgot what it was like to clean something and have it stay clean because my “helper” wasn’t there to clean behind me.

Here was my view as I cleaned the kitchen this afternoon:

We had some entertaining conversations through the window. Mainly it was about marrying one of her princes, Robbie and Jon, in her temple.

Macey entertained herself for 2 hours in the backyard and then I had to lure her inside with a promise of scooter riding out front after naptime.

Miles woke up from his nap and got to join in on the fun too.

Oh, March we are glad you’re here, we’ve missed you more than we realized. And, an added bonus, Macey is actually sleeping during naptime today for the 1st time in over a month!