You might remember that Paul got me a Cricut for my birthday last year. I love it because it makes even the craft challenged (me) slightly crafty.

June turned out to be the month of glass etching.

Thanks to Sure Cuts Alot, I cut out stencils on vinyl and then made these:

1. Cups for the graduating seniors I work with at church.
(Please excuse the water spots, I had just washed off the etching cream) :)

which I then filled with college essentials- bandaids, nail polish, nail file, candy…

2. the classic wedding pyrex.

I stole Kimbo’s idea for the “This is not your pan”. I thought it was pretty clever and even hilarious. Luckily Jenni and Lee appreciated it as much as I did.

3. Stache cups for Paul.
I did 2 with enamel paint and 2 with glass etching. I had never used enamel paint before, but thought I’d branch out since I was on a crafting roll.

Now, I need to find some more stuff around my house to etch. I’ve found it’s slightly addictive.