The ever so talented Holly Robinson, of h rob photography, took our pictures last week.

I was a bit stressed, as my kids do not like to stop moving and look at a camera. Pretty sure, we’re not the only family with this problem. I was worried we would have grouchy kids, who refused to look at Holly. Luckily, this was only partially the case. :)

Even though there was lots of running away

lots of yelling

lots of craziness


lots of falling down**

Holly was able to capture our family perfectly.

We already knew we weren’t the type of family that could recreate those Pinterest poses. This just cemented that notion.

Whose kids will actually lay down on a blanket without trying to attack someone? Not mine apparently.

And even though we couldn’t get them to sit still for anything, Holly was able to capture what our family is. And isn’t that what family pictures are about?

And these pictures of Macey and Miles, capture just how they are right now. LOVE them.

And then these pictures with their Rafs! It just makes me happy. There isn’t much Macey and Miles love more than their Rafs.

She even snapped some pictures of Paul and I.

Pretty much I love them all. I’m so glad Holly was able to capture what our family is like at this point in our lives- a little unorganized, a little crazy, a little whiney, but mostly fun and happy.