We took #momhike on the road to Goblin Valley.

Kelly was a Bad A and pulled the tent trailer and taught us how to set it up like a pro.  Felt like very independent women camping and hiking without our husbands.

We spent the first day hiking and exploring in Goblin Valley.  

We crawled in lots of caves.  

We climbed down into Goblin’s Lair, which was amazing.  Especially since we didn’t have any children to get down all these rocks.  

And then when we got hot and sweaty, we drove 30 min to go on a drink run.

Then onto to more hiking and exploring around where we were camped.  


We explored Little Wild Horse.  

Can’t beat a slot canyon.  

We got really good at selfies.  

And timer pictures. 

This trip was just what I needed.  No makeup, no stress, no judgement, no schedule, fresh air, and lots of laughing. 

Words can’t even express how extremely awesome it all was.  So grateful to have found these kindred spirits and can’t wait for many more #momhike trips to come.