Now that I can no longer hang out at the pool getting a tan, I have been feeling a bit crafty.

I copied my sister’s idea and made these festive soap dispensers. I of course saw these orange soap dispensers on one of my many trips to Target, but couldn’t think of anything to do with them. Later that day though, when I saw Brianne’s post, I ran back out and picked up the last 2.

Since you can’t play games without having a prize for the winner, I made these mummies for Fright Fest. I found the idea here.

The big item I’ve been working on this month though is a quilt. Yes, a quilt. No, I do not sew, but I decided now would be a good time to learn. At church we’ve been collecting squares for the last year, one each week that corresponds to the lesson, and now I am learning how to sew along with the 12-18 year old girls. It’s been an experience.

One evening, after a bit of a struggle with the sewing machine, I decided to ease my frustration by making Miles’ birthday banner. My Cricut did not let me down and I felt much better about myself and my crafting abilities when I was done.

Macey of course wanted in on the craft action. We’ve done a few different things this month, but this is the only one I documented with a photo.

I cut jack’o lantern faces out of masking tape and then Macey painted the rocks. She loved it.

Macey making a scary face

And lastly, on Saturday, we decided to fix some things about the playroom that have been bothering me. We still have a few things left to do down there, like hang stuff on the walls. But, it’s already my new fav place to hang out.

It’s actually been kind of fun this month having a list of projects and I’m thinking I might need to find some more stuff to make. That is, once I can figure out how to finish my quilt.