Being in the new house this summer has actually made the chaos of summer easier to handle, even though we lost our amazing shady green space.  

The kids are loving the new neighborhood.  

There is a constant flow of children in and out.  I had to invest in an air freshener for the basement due to the smelliness of the pile of 8-10 year old boys that can usually be found down there. 

Lunch time discussions of bugs and komodo dragons.  

and if it’s not too hot I kick them outside for a little bit.  Miles and Crew have loved introducing their friends to Battle Bots.

Paying the premium for the dead end street has paid off.  

Since we spend a lot of time on our front porch and we destroyed our astro dome chairs by leaving them on our deck all winter, we decided to get them recovered. 

They are even more amazing now!

And we can just hose off all the popsicle stickiness the kids keep covering them in.  

We have loved having a table where we can get games and 1,000 piece puzzles set up.  It was an exciting day when we finally finished this puzzle.  

July means lots of pool days.

We took the waterslide over to the town houses for the day.  

Kids played non stop for hours, even though most of them are well past the ideal height for our little blow up slide.  :)  

It was so nice to be back with my people sitting in the shade, yelling at kids to calm down, and chatting.  The thing I miss most is sitting in the shade with my best friends and watching our kids play. I have found I have much more time on my hands now that I am not socializing in the late afternoons like I used to. :( 

Other exciting Happenings:  

Playdate with Tajen. 

Food trucks. 

Mall Splash Pad. 

Pioneer Park Splash pad.  

Cascade Springs.  

Bonus,  it was a nice 10 degrees cooler than in the valley.  

Picnic at the Library. 

Giant Stag Beetle Discovery. 

I finally unpacked the dressups. 

Paul and I walked to dinner in the rain.  Then we got to eat outside on the patio during the storm.  Pretty perfect summer evening.  

And so many games.  

Love this little Card Shark.  

  We ended the month with sending Macey off to a week at Mountain Camp.