Crew has a love, more like an obsession, for ice cream.  Today, for the first time, it got us in trouble.  

He tends to not be very patient when it comes to how fast I can shove ice cream into his mouth.  Since I also had ice cream of my own, which I wanted to eat, and I also have a child named Miles, who often needs asisstance when it comes to things like melty ice cream, I was not able to feed Crew at the speed with which he desired.  As a result he would yell at me in between bites.  

I promise I was trying to keep him quiet and keep his mouth full, but I failed at both.  Apparently we were too loud for the family ( a mom, kids, and grandparents) 2 booths down and they felt the need to walk by and glare at us. Then the grandma just couldn’t keep her grumpiness to herself.  She had to stop on her way out and ask why I had to bring this grumpy baby out and why couldn’t I keep him quiet?!?

I really just sat there with my mouth open, I couldn’t believe someone had just called Crew grumpy!  And then made me feel bad about trying to be a good mom and get my kids ice cream.  

Luckily 2 separate moms came to my rescue, one confronted my attacker and the other reassured me that Crew was in no way a grumpy baby, just a child passionate about ice cream.  

I’m thinking this lady forgot what it was like to take 3 little kids out in public alone!  Here’s hoping that we don’t encounter people like that on our flight tomorrow and if we do that I’ll just be able to laugh about it.

And thank goodness for these other moms.  Us moms really do need to stick together, and be more forgiving/understanding of each other.  

And really, how could anyone call this kid grumpy?