March has been a crazy and fun month in our house.

Miles has been having a great month due to the following reasons:
1. He can finally get his toys in his mouth, about 50% of the time.

2. His bubble blowing skills are improving

3. The use of his exersaucer is promoting some extra sibling bonding time

4. The Dr. informed us that at 16 lbs (90th percentile) and 4 months he is plenty big enough to be sleeping through the night, so the real “sleep training” officially began last night.

Here’s what Macey has been up to this last month:
1. Being crazy, like usual

2. Throwing parties. This particular one was a rock party. Meaning we had to find rocks outside to invite. You’ll also notice that Miles isn’t on the blanket. He wasn’t allowed because, he spits and you can’t spit at parties.

3. Getting out and about. New fav place, The Bean Museum. In this picture she is showing me that the Crocodiles teeth match hers. She was only slightly disappointed that there were no dinosaurs to be found.

4. Getting braver when it comes to getting close to Miles

Paul had a good month too:
1. He had an awesome birthday, thanks to me. :)

2. He got employee of the month and rewarded himself with a PS3


I loved March because:

I got a double stroller and no longer feel trapped in my house, as we’ve been able to go for a long walk every none cold day!

We plan to enjoy April just as much and hopefully even a little more.

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