Ruby was our first kid quarantine birthday, so we did our best to make her day special without all the things she really wanted (big party and taking a treat to school).  

Luckily Erin also had a kid with a May quarantine birthday and we had already been discussing when/how to allow our kids to start playing together again since Utah had been in Orange for about week at this point.  

So, we settled on meeting in a field at a park, where we would bring Milo 4 presents and they would bring Ruby 4 presents and it would almost feel like a real birthday party.  

Worked like a charm and we had 2 very happy birthday kids at the end.  

Plus, it was one of the first times they had run free with friends since March 18th.  Love how the simple things are so much more appreciated now.  

Since I still had a little pink hair dye left and I didn’t get her’s as dark as Macey’s, I promised the night before her birthday I would dye it pink again. 

Made for an extra happy birthday girl.

It was a day full of all things pink.

Funny thing about Ruby, she loves baby dolls.  She also loves to destroy things.  So, as gifts over the years she has received doll beds, strollers, furniture, and many, many baby dolls.  All of these previous doll things have been broken and destroyed by the crazy child above.  Once again she requested a new baby doll, doll bed, and stroller for her b’day.  We discussed what has happened with the previous 3 strollers, 2 beds, and 4 baby dolls, but she promised now that she was turning 6 she would take better care of things.  So, we took the risk and it was a baby doll filled birthday (almost 2 months down and everything is still intact). 

We spent the afternoon at the park riding her new scooter and eating Happy Meals.  

Dinner was all her favorites: spaghetti, watermelon, corn on the cob, and raspberry creme soda.  

And of course a pink (with some purple) cake.  

and I just had to get a picture of Crew’s amazing hair with his b’day hat on. 

Ruby also got to be the first child to enter a store, because I had no idea what LOL thing it was that she was describing to me that she wanted to get with her birthday money.  And I did not want to deal with the wrath of Ruby when I brought home the wrong item, so we did a quick run to the store where she wasn’t allowed to touch anything or get out of the cart.  She loved it.  

We love this feisty pink loving girl.  She loves fiercely and is a good friend who always tries to include everyone. Ruby loves to be in on all the action and can never sit still for long.  She’s growing up a bit too fast, just like the rest of them, but I am trying to enjoy it instead of always getting frustrated with her crazy ways. :)  

Love this girl.