I love spring in Utah, you never know what kind of weather you will get.  

It wouldn’t be April in Utah without at least one snow storm and this April did not disappoint.  

Crew requested to go outside and fight the snow.  It made for a pretty entertaining morning.  

Mostly though, we’ve enjoyed perfect spring weather.  

Our deck pretty much adds another room to our house in the spring and I am grateful for the extra square footage to spread out in. 

We’ve had, what Paul considers, an ugly picnic table back there.  So, he decided to build the kids a new one.  

It is WAY cuter, he was right.  

We moved “the ugly” table to front, for the neighbor kids to enjoy and it’s been a great addition out there.  

Speaking of out front, you should never venture there without a weapon on hand.  I often have to keep a sword on my back, as I never know when I will be attacked by zombies or mario kart drivers or children jumping out of bushes.  Luckily Ruby is so cute, no one ever wants to attack her.  

We are still enjoying our park days, but each time I get to sit on my blanket and chat less and less due to that stinkin’ cute walking baby of mine.  

Maybe she will be park ready by fall, we shall see.  

Speaking of Ruby, she is into everything.  

She can sense a door that has been left open an inch, has learned how to open the wipes container and already knows which cupboards have broken child locks.

I currently still find it adorable and endearing…we will see how long that lasts.  But, really I like them better this way, life is much more interesting.  

Other highlights of the month include The Tulip Festival with good friends.

It’s hard to beat perfect weather, room for crazy kids to run, and being surrounded by gorgeous flowers.  

GiGi’s visit

Ruby’s first day in nursery (I was subbing, she’s not quite big enough yet). 

And Macey and Miles are finally competent enough drivers on Mario Kart, that there is very little crying and screaming anymore!

I’d say it was a very successful April.