After much thought/prayer/contemplation and way too much back and forth, I finally decided not to send Macey to preschool this year.

The entire reason I didn’t send her is because this is it, this is my last year with her until she starts real school and my influence over her lessens. I just couldn’t bare to part with her and I knew, even though a huge part of me wanted to put her in preschool, that this is what was best for us.

We’re almost done with week 2 of Mom Preschool now and she’s in heaven. The first thing Macey asks about every morning is what are doing for Preschool and she never wants to stop doing preschool with me.

Thanks to Pinterest, blogs, and my files I’ve found more ideas than we can use.

We’ve done experiments:

Worked on letters with our new Dot Markers:

Practiced writing letters in shaving cream:

And, this morning we went on a color scavenger hunt:

idea found here.

I am grateful I didn’t listen to others and instead listened to what I knew was best for our family. Even though it’s hard to not have a break sometimes, I know I made the right decision for us.

For me, being the lazy mom that I am, it’s good to have that extra motivation to do planned activities and read books with Macey (and miles). I’m also loving getting to see exactly where she is in her development, seeing how she thinks, getting to use some of my old teaching skills, and of course spending so much time with her.

And don’t worry, Macey (hopefully) won’t be some socially awkward kindergartner. She’s in dance, I plan on putting her in gymnastics or soccer next spring, and she is constantly playing with all the neighbor kids. :)

And seriously this girl is just too much fun, I just wanted to be a little selfish and keep her to myself a little longer.

Because like all moms eventually learn,
the days are long, but the years are short.

Side Note: I don’t think preschool is bad, I actually think preschool is awesome. Macey did it last year and we loved it. I just didn’t think she needed it and felt like this was the right decision for her/me this year. Pretty sure I’ll be sending Miles off to preschool in a few years, that kid is crazy. :)