Ruby reached and then passed her birth weight for her 2 week appointment. And here I thought she was looking little.  

love her rolls

2 Week Stats:
9 lbs 11 oz  89%
21 3/4 inches 97%

As you can tell by her size, Ruby likes to eat.  She also likes to sleep.  

She has been quite consistent with having one fussy period each day from about 5-10 in the evening. So, far that has worked just fine for us.  

The Scowl.

During the day and night she goes about 3 hours between feedings.  I’m starting to get pretty tired though, so I have a feeling she’ll start going longer at night since I’m pretty sure I won’t be waking up as quickly anymore.

She has giant cheeks, just like all other Navasard children.  Maybe one day I’ll do some comparison pics, but that currently would take more time than I am willing to give.  

We are all in love with our chunky, dark haired babe.

All photos are courtesy of Holly of hrob photos.  She does some good work.