Miles’ Highlights:

Pirates Ride.
we believe MIles’ grand total came to 13 times on this ride. He had it memorized, knew exactly when to put his hands up and loved pointing out all the things he noticed along the way. One of my favorite things was just watching him grin the entire time.

Stroller Riding.
Miles loves the stroller. I usually make him walk to get out his energy when we are at home. At Disneyland though it was the complete opposite, I wanted him strapped in as much as possible. He loved sitting back, looking around, and enjoying his snacks while we raced from ride to ride.

Character and ride. We rode Splash Mountain about 6 times, which gave Miles plenty of opportunities to ride the Winnie the Pooh ride. While on the ride he developed a new found love for the bear. So, when he saw him walking by the ride, he ran straight for him and almost took him out. Luckily Tigger was there to catch Pooh.

Disney Jr Show.
Just like Macey at age 2, this show was a huge highlight (macey still loved it). He sang along to all the songs, yelled out at the appropriate times and of course loved everything that fell from the ceiling.

Pixar Parade.
They sprayed you with water and there was a huge Toy Story Float. Enough said.

Nana also got her hair messed up by one of the Monster Inc guys, we thought it was pretty funny.

Miles other favorite rides included: Toy Story Mania and Buzz Lightyear.
Least Favorite, Haunted Mansion.
This would be waiting in line for the ride, when he was actually still excited about it.

Paul and Kelsey Highlights (ours turned out to be the same):
Space Mountain
Watching Macey and MIles soak everything in.

Splash Mountain
Macey loved it, but you had to hold her shoulders the whole time and her face looked like this everytime.

My other favorite things:
Walking into a clean room at the end of a tiring day, love hotels.
Baby Stations. They were amazing and I just love disney workers.
Stroller Passes.
And Emily and I can now check one more thing off our list that we dreamed about doing together as poor college students.

And it’s still weird to me sometimes to think that we actually have kids!

At least they are cute and good friends.

And it might be hard to believe but I still have a few pictures to post. So, since this one is already reaching Novel length I’ll just have to post again tomorrow. :)