We just sold The Beast and I am feeling very sentimental at the moment. Perhaps it’s because it’s the first car Paul and I ever owned or because it is one of the few things that has gone with us on our five moves or that it drove us to lots of firsts (first camping trip, first house, first jobs…) or maybe, it’s just because we will never own a car quite like The Beast again.

So, in memory of the truly great car he was here’s my top 10 favorite moments with the infamous Beast:

10. Since it didn’t have automatic locks Paul ALWAYS opened my door for me.
9. It was the car I finally learned to drive a stick, for reals, on.
8. Getting it up to 100 mph on our drive to Lake Pearrygin.
7. How Paul jimmy rigged the AC to work.
6. Christopher’s friends wearing Paul’s BYU football helmet to protect their heads while riding in the trunk.
5. Having to hold a tube out the window on the drive home from Big O tires- through multiple stop lights and lots of people looking at me.
4. When Emily was trapped by the passenger seat belt and thought it was going to strangle her (yes, it had those automatic shoulder belt things).
3. When we had push start it multiple times, the most memorable being in the crowded parking lot of Rumbi with the help of our friends Christian and Mary.
2. Watching our bobble head Mr. T melt and it looked like he was sweating. (he was and still is attached to the dashboard, he’s what helped close the deal w/ the buyer)
1. Driving it from Bellingham to Provo in the middle of August, on our first road trip being married. I seriously thought I was going to die because of the lack of AC.

We will miss you Beast, but we know your new owner will love and appreciate you the way we did.