Every once in awhile I start to feel slightly claustrophobic living in our 1200 sq foot town home. Like when I have a screaming child and I know my adjoining neighbors can hear through the walls, even though they claim they cannot. Or when I think about 3 children sharing one room, or mostly how Miles will sleep sharing with the new baby.

But, then something always happens to remind me why I absolutely love living here.

This morning it was when my door bell rang and I found bubbles and sidewalk chalk on my porch left by a generous neighbor. It was a welcome surprise since Paul isn’t home today and I desperately needed something to entertain Macey and Miles with that did not involve technology.

New toys of course drew out our friends and my previously whiney children were entertained for hours.

Even though space is sometimes tight and shared walls seems to intensify the screams of children and babies, I am so grateful for the wonderful neighbors that surround us and all the room my kids have to play.