We were trying to decide wether to get a condo just off of Main St. in Park City or Go with one in a ski resort. We decided we’d probably do more hiking than shopping, so we went with Westgate at The Canyons Ski Resort.

It was the right choice for us, because there was never a shortage of things going on right outside our resort!

This random ski lift bench was a favorite hang out.

There were always random events and activities going on in The Village, so they’d run some of their lifts to transport people to and from the parking lot down below. We of course loved riding them and waving to the follow passengers.

Trina came up to play one evening and we got to ride the lift down to a Farmer’s Market. She was also kind enough to take our only family picture of the trip!

The most exciting part of our trip was when Macey and I got stuck in a torrential downpour while riding the lift. It involved lots of screaming, laughing and being totally soaked.

These pictures were taken right before it started pouring.

They do free concerts in the village on the weekends, so we of course had to check it out. There isn’t much that beats free live music in the mountains.

Macey and Miles loved playing in the giant sandbox, eating good food, and performing their awesome dance moves.

We rode the Gondola up to the Red Pine Lodge one morning to do some hiking. Thank goodness it was totally enclosed, cause it was high and slightly scary.

From the end of the lift we hiked just less than 2 miles to Alpine Lake, which was pretty much just a man made pond. But, they had paddle boats and tables with umbrellas, so it made for a perfect destination. Miles was a trooper too and completed the longest hike of his 2 1/2 year life with little assistance from me. We told them it was good training for our trip to Disneyland next month. :)

Even though we don’t ski, we sure do love the ski resorts in the summertime!

Don’t worry I still have one more post to complete our vacation recap. :)