Crew is a whooping 5 months old.

He is pretty much rocking the bald head, but we are happy that his hair is starting to grow back.

The big events this month include-

the arrival of 2 teeth!

Getting to attend a BYU basketball game with lots of kids to watch.


now that he is smiley and so easy to get to laugh, Macey (and even Miles sometimes) are much more willing to entertain him for me. I just turn on the music and I’ve got a good 15 min to get something done. Crew loves it.

My current favorite thing about Crew, is how easy he (usually) goes to bed. Macey and Miles are horrible at going to bed right now and Crew is the only reason I can survive bedtime. He goes in his crib while they are still getting in and out of bed and laughing and screaming and he usually falls right asleep. Thank goodness for this kid.