When Macey looked at the calendar and saw that we only have 2 weeks left of summer, she started crying.  I wanted to do the same, but had to hold it together for the kids.  Luckily we used our time wisely in July, so there aren’t any regrets.

These 2 continue to make life crazy and unpredictable.

Crew has decided to break all childlocks in the house and is now constantly getting into the freezer, our room, the bathrooms, and any closet he desires.  I have no idea how to stop it. Help.

Luckily he has mastered his scooter and happily rides around outside with the big kids.

Miles and I have not been the best of friends the last few weeks and on this particular day he was informing me that he was moving in with the Everett’s because I have too many rules and make him go to bed. 

He ended up deciding to stay for a few more days and give me another chance, phew. 

If Macey had her way she would do art projects and bake all day.  

But, when she’s doing these things Miles has to be occupied in some other way, so she never gets to do it as much as she’d like.

Luckily, she loves playing with Miles too.  And they spend most of their days in their own little world of Pokemon, tea parties, Littlest Petshops, Dinosaurs and Legos. 

Ruby has continued her quest to be the perfect baby and is the main reason I can survive each day.

She is even extra obedient on the days I decide to clean and usually sleeps just like this while I crazily clean around her.  Plus, she doesn’t mess up my hard work like the others. :)

I am not the only one obsessed with this baby though, there’s just something about her.

I have gotten braver about taking all four of them out in public and we’ve busily been checking things off our Summer Bucket List.

Although when it comes to the pool, I have found the only way to go is to get a babysitter for Crewby.

One day I was feeling particularly good, so we did our first project of the summer…bird feeders.

It was a hit.  Who knows, maybe I will find it in me to do another one before school starts.

They’ve of course spent countless hours running around the neighborhood, as every kid in the summer should. 

And my favorite part about a busy summer day, vegging out in the late afternoon. 

And thanks to our favorite babysitter, I get to go out with just Paul pretty much every Saturday and enjoy the perfect summer nights. 

One of the highlights of the month though was our hike to Cecret Lake in Little Cottonwood Canyon.  

It was going to be about 100 degrees in Orem, so we figured we should get high up in the mountains to avoid the heat, 9750 ft to be exact.

We’d never been up Little Cottonwood Canyon before and it did not disappoint.  The wildflowers were in full bloom and it took everything Macey had not to pick them all.

The kids proved to be awesome hikers once again, the only real complainer was Crew crying to get out of the backpack carrier.

Miles was overjoyed when he spotted a Beaver Dam and had to get his picture taken with it. 

The highlight for all 3 of them was climbing around on the giant boulders that surrounded the lake.

And Macey has also been obsessed with touching the sky lately, so this was the perfect hike for her.  

Thank you Cecret Lake for restoring my faith in the beauty of Utah Mountains!

I am slightly dreading that August is here and we will be forced to be back on a schedule in just a few short weeks!  We will have to see how much more summer we can cram in before school starts.