I was nervous I would not survive the flight to Washington by myself, you know, because I tend to puke and feel nauseous when I attempt to move and act like a normal person. Thanks though to the new rule of “kids can keep their shoes on through security” (amazing the difference this made) and 2 iPads, we survived without any trouble!

It was nice to have a new couch to lay on, a well stocked kitchen, and of course plenty of people to entertain Macey and Miles.

The Highlights of the week included:

Baking with Nana. Pretty sure I ate about 30 sugar cookies and somehow still managed to loose weight over the holidays.

Playing Just Dance with everyone.

Getting to hang out with lots of cousins, especially Kaylin and Jaxon.

Getting to play with Uncle, Shaunna, Nana, & Pop-Pop.

oh yeah, there was lots of Presents and santa in there too. But, if you ask Macey, this was at the bottom on her list of favorite parts about our trip.

But, that doesn’t mean she didn’t love all her presents.

Such a fun age for Santa! Nana introduced them to Santa’s Magic Key and they ate it up.

We were very proud of ourselves for being able to fit all our presents into our suitcases. It was a lot of bags, but totally worth it hauling it all there.

And I attempted to get a picture of them before church on Christmas, this was the best I got in the craziness of the morning.

On a side note, this trip Macey was obsessed with how many trees there was and did not understand why Utah can’t look like Washington.

On the flight home we had the following conversation:

“Mom, why does anyone even like Utah?”

“Because it’s where they live, they have friends there, they like the mountains…I like Utah.”

“Mom, I don’t like Utah. We need to move. I want to live in Washington, I like the trees.”

“Won’t you miss your friends, our house, all the pools?”

“No, I’ll make new friends and I’ll have Nana and Pop-Pop and Kaylin and Jaxon and Uncle and Shaunna. We need to move.”

I guess she’s already got it all figured out and has now been bugging me constantly that we need to move.

Funny girl.

We really do love Washington though, perhaps someday we’ll actually make the move. Until then I’ll just have to deal with Macey’s constant requests to live there.