We have been doing TONS of home improvements and lots of redecorating lately. We love our house, there’s just been a few things we’ve needed to improve on to make it feel more like “us”.

This summer we have:
Painted our room
Painted the basement
Got a new garbage disposal
Moved Macey out of her crib
Got rid of the pink carpet
We’re in the process of turning the basement into a playroom

So far Macey’s room is the only room that is totally done.

Macey’s room Before (notice the ugly carpet):
This is from when we 1st took her crib rail off


I was highly anticipating coming home to see the new carpet and was not disappointed, not that you could get much worse than what we had. The biggest shock for me though came when I walked into my once hideous bathroom.

Paul once again surprised me.



Here’s what he did:
took off the ugly/dated shower sliding door
covered up the pink flooring w/ stick tiles
replaced the fixtures
got a new shower curtain and rug

Now, we just have to get new light fixtures for the main floor, finish putting together the playroom, and finish decorating our room. Maybe I’ll have to go out of town again so Paul can get it all done. :)

Hopefully I’ll be posting the rest of our rooms soon, preferably before the baby comes, which I just realized is under 100 days away!