There are days where I swear time stands still, but then in a blink Macey is done with Kindergarten!  How do these things happen?!

As a result Summer has officially begun for us!  I am excited and sad at the same time.  Excited because I get Macey all to myself now and sad because it means kindergarten is over and she will be a first grader soon! 

She wanted to eat lunch at school before the year was over so she’d know what to expect when first grade started.  I was glad she brought it up, because I’d been meaning to take her all year, but had never gotten around to it!  So, on the 2nd to last day of school she ate her first official school lunch in the cafeteria. She said it wasn’t as exciting as she thought it would be. ;)  

Although she is quite excited about having 2 recesses once she goes all day.  

Macey loved everything about kindergarten. 

I had her narrow her list down to the highlights though:

  • playing soccer and swinging at recess
  • the blow ups at field day

  • every single field trip
  • dancing in the talent show

  • having my birthday at school

  • doing math because I am really good at it
  • playing with all my friends

It’s been so fun to see her learn new things and make new friends without any help from me.  And thank goodness for half day kindergarten to help me get used to this whole school thing.  

I kept seeing all these last day of school parties on Pinterest and kept ignoring them, not wanting to add anymore to my plate.  But, when the day before the last day hit I could no longer resist.  I made a quick banner during quiet time and ran to the dollar store, so glad I did.  

This will be a tradition I hopefully won’t mind keeping up with.

Although after the chaos of the neighbor’s dog refusing to leave us alone and Miles dumping all his bubbles, I was having second thoughts.  Luckily they quickly passed.  

So while I am dreading the start of 1st grade and the all day schedule that accompanies it, we are going to try to enjoy these summer days.  Because while I know some days will feel like they are lasting forever, I also know it will be over before we know it.