October Chapter 2: Fall Break

Nov 14, 2017
For fall break this year we headed south with all of northern utah, luckily most of Northern Utah was headed to St. George and not to our destination, so we missed the crazy traffic.  

We scored another Yurt reservation and are in love with this style of "camping".  

The heater was an added bonus in the morning too.  

Our Yurt was in Deadhorse Point State Park.

There were amazing Mountain Bike trails right outside our door.  Paul, Macey and Miles had a blast riding on them and it was all M&M wanted to do.  

Waiting for my mountain bikers to come back.

We promised Crewby we'd be back to ride through the sand and on the slick rocks when they had bigger bikes.

We did let them explore the trails around our Yurt though. 

Deadhorse State Park was amazing!

Spectacular views in every direction.  And a 2,000 foot drop in every direction.  

We got to watch the sunset, a safe distance back from the edge.  Beautiful. 

One of those moments I hope they remember.  

And we found a mini pride rock.

Crew is rafiki and notice how Macey and Miles are bowing to baby Simba. :) 

Lots of hiking and lots of view points.

My favorite hike of the trip was in the state park, Basin Overlook.  

No one on the trail but us and we could get right to the edge of an amazing view point. 

We planted the kids a safe distance from the edge with a snack and Paul and I went in for a closer look.

Really gets the blood flowing and I won't even get that close to the edge.

We spent a day in Canyonlands, which is just down the road, at the Island in the Sky section.  

And for the first time all 4 kids actually completed their Jr. Ranger books and loved it! Usually they get bored and toss them in the garbage after 1 hike.  

MESA ARCH was a huge hit.  
We saw tons of wildlife and these kids were amazing at spotting lizards. 

Overall I would say this was the kids best hiking trip we've had 

I don't think anyone even complained about all the hiking.  #miracle

Notice my hand in this picutre...I am sure I am telling Macey to stay away from the edge for about the 100th time.  

Crew and I still held our spot in the back, but we weren't as far behind the other 4 as on other trips.  

The cliffs weren't actually as stressful as I thought they'd be.  It helped we weren't with other families, so our kids weren't running around and being crazier than normal.  They stuck together and listened when we showed them which rock or bush they were not allowed to pass. :) 

Paul and I ventured to the edge a few times.  Terrifying looking over that edge and seeing the canyon floor 2,000 feet below.  

I think the kids favorite hike was Whale Rock. 

essentially you just follow a trail to this giant rock that looks like a whale and then you just get to run and explore all over.  

Always an amazing view at snack time.  

Turns out Ruby is a bit afraid of heights when she's tired, so I had to carry her around on the "whale" and back down to the trail.

This girl was in her element, no fear here.  

Always have to dab when you're on an awesome trail and there are prickly pears around.  

We live in an amazing place and I am so grateful we get to explore a small piece of it.  

These are the things I want my kids to remember from their childhood.  Not the stuff, but the adventures and the way they felt taking in these amazing places.  

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Love all the exploring, camping and hikes you take the kids on! The best memories!!

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goblin Valley

Jul 5, 2017
We took the kids to Goblin Valley.  It was amazing.  Like we were on another planet.  The kids kept asking if this really was still Utah.

There are about 100 pictures to follow, you have been warned if you want to turn back now. This is the only place I am recording my children's childhood, so i pack in the photos

It was our first road trip with The Switch.  Perfection.  Kids filled the entire time with Zelda and Mario Kart.  

We had never been and heard it was the perfect place for little kids.

All recommendations were correct.  It was amazing and you can't beat a rock playground to explore.  

It was HOT.  Like just over 100 degrees. 

The kids were rockstars, drank tons of water and took breaks in whatever shade could be found.  

At one point we couldn't find Miles.  He was hiding in the shade of 3 hoodoos and refused to come out for fear he would not find shade ever again.  

Crew and I are always bringing up the rear. He is the slowest hiker in history.

To make the trip even awesomer Paul reserved a yurt in the campground there.  

Kids were in love and want to sell our house right away to move in forever.

Chasing lizards

It didn't hurt that it had an AC unit, so we took advantage and took a break while we waited for it to cool down a little bit.  


Then the rest of the day was spent exploring around The Yurt.  

So much time was spent watching the red ants and seeing how long it took them to take beef jerky back to their holes.  They were seriously amazing.  

Surreal right? 

Hours upon hours were spent out here.  

This chair was quite popular.  

After we put Crewby to bed we got to climb even higher.  

The highlight for me was seeing the stars that night.  We let M&M stay up and it worked out perfect we had just been to the planetarium.  Seriously, I don't even remember seeing a night sky like we did.  Something I hope they remember.  

That was just day 1.  

On to day 2. 

Another 100 degree day in the desert.  This was the first time all the kids finished their entire bladders of water.  

We hiked Little Wild Horse Canyon.  This was the entrance.  It was a good sign that this was going to be pretty amazing.  

There was lots of breaks and lots of hiding in shade. 

But once we hit the narrow part of the slot canyon we could not keep up with these kids. 

It was so surreal.  And kids had a blast running around and climbing up the walls of the canyon. 

Luckily we got there early and it wasn't too busy, because it's a bit tricky to pass in there.  We did get to see and meet people from all over the world though.  It was cool for the kids to see how lucky they are to live so close to such cool places.  

Best people to explore new places with. 

Can't beat a few days completely disconnected from everything and getting to be out in this beautiful world Heavenly Father has given us.  It's good for the soul.  

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Wow, totally surreal. There's no way your kids won't remember that trip forever. Super cool. Makes me want to go so bad - but when it's not 100 degrees outside!

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Darn You Instagram

Mar 6, 2013
I'm am currently EXTREMELY lazy. As a result of this laziness I have been posting pictures on instagram that I normally would post on my blog. Today I stopped mid instagram and decided to take the 10 min to do a blog post, so I can actually remember what life was like in March of 2013. Lucky you. :)

After Miles' joyous reunion with Macey at kindergarten pickup, he requested a picnic. I of course had to agree since we hit the mid 50's today, talk about a heat wave! Perfect weather for our first picnic of the year.

Miles of course has a gun and is shooting who knows what.

Crew was not allowed on the blanket.

It was very reminiscent of Macey banning Miles from her picnic blanket too. Gives me hope that Miles and Crew will be friends someday.

M&M dined on lunchables and juice boxes, talk about lazy.

I laid there soaking up as much Vitamin D as possible. Crew spent his time checking out the grass and adjusting to the strange light in the sky.

Miles was also excited to show off his new found scootering skills. I was just happy he's improved enough to make it down the sidewalk without throwing his scooter and screaming at it.

These are the moments I love being a stay at mom. I'm not going to talk about how "you know what" broke out once we came inside. Luckily the warmth of the sun helped me to handle the situation without loosing complete control. :)

In other warm weather news, we were happy to go to Farm Country this week! And were very pleased to find out our Season Pass to Thanksgiving Point lets us have unlimited pony rides. Talk about awesome.

One last thing...

I was so proud of myself for getting all 3 kids ready for church by myself Sunday (Paul's been out of town), I had to document my success. They of course weren't cooperative, but they're so cute it doesn't really matter.

Besides, it's a small miracle I even got Miles to sit this close to Crew.

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Crew's face in that last pic?? KILLING ME!! What a fun start to the month, glad I've been able to see you guys a couple of times this week!
Crew's face in the last picture is awesome. Great blog post, you inspire me :-). I'm glad you're surviving having Paul gone.
Macey looked like she was on a big horse not just a pony. Love the comparison of Macey and Miles banning the baby from the picnic blanket. Crew is great in the last photo.
Nana and Opa
Great pics! Glad you're having some warmer weather and are able to get outside.
Love that Macey banned Miles, so Miles had to return the favor and ban Crew. Nice that you had pictures of both. Love it, they are all so cute!
I feel the same way about Instagram! I need to be better at getting it down in the blog!

I was just telling Rich that I used to think it was so funny that Miles didn't like Crew... and I couldn't understand it. Until I had a child like that. Our #3 screams his head off when #4 even gets near him. Of course, #4 is a fighter and he is always about to hit or punch so that may be part of it :)
So fun to see all the fun you've been having...I like the last picture of all three the best. They are all so adorable and their expressions showcase their individual personalities :) Miss you lots!
I have been doing the same ting, putting photos on instagram and then having to go back and blog. I love that blogging is like a journal of hat we are doing because, I am no good at journaling! Your kids are so cute!
oh my gosh, Crew's face in the last one. PRICELESS. he's obviously practicing up for all the modeling gigs he'll have with me ;)

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It's a New Year!

Jan 2, 2013
Everytime I have a baby I begin to feel claustrophobic and have the itch to move to a bigger house. This usually happens when winter rolls around and we are inside much more. This year was no different.

Adding the third kid to our little house and having 3 kids in one room has been making it feel like we might blow the seams on this house. I feel like we are over flowing everywhere.

So, since I really don't want to move, we just decided to do a bit of rearranging. It feels like a new house and I am once again content!

Here are some comparisons for you. And I of course forgot to take pictures before we started moving things around, so excuse the messes. :)


We took out the love seat to open it up, got a cozy fluffy rug, removed the chair rail, added a shoe organizer, and got a chair and pouf to replace the seating we took out.


Crazy the difference a little rearranging will do! We love having more room to play on the floor and there is now even room to have some of M&M's new christmas toys in the living room.

I have a few more places around the house to add some more storage and with that we might just be able to fit 4 kids in this house. ;)
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I can't wait to see it in person!! And I also can't wait for kid 4. Whenever that is. :)
you are already considering 4 kids?! you are amazing. it looks great, it really opens it up. good call on removing the chair rail.
That looks great, really opens it up. You have so much more space for the kids to play and it looks so fresh and new. Can't wait to see what you do next. Kid 4???
It looks great. I love the new chair!
First time I have heard anything about kid #4.
ha. Paul's comment makes me laugh. I know the feeling all too well about not having enough room. Love the rearranging! Looks so great and your shoe storage is brilliant. It's so clean looking.
Next time you start feeling like your place is too small, come visit me. It will make you feel like you're living in a mansion. I love the fluffy rug!
It looks like a very happy place, I love the colors. You are a great decorator.

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Holly Jolly

Dec 5, 2012
Last year my children got the short end of the stick when it came to holiday festivities. November and December of 2011 were a blur of nausea and throwing up, I can barely remember anything about that time thanks to being pregnant with Crew.

This year we have some catching up and making up to do on all things holiday centered.

We started our advent calendar (didn't do one of these last year). It's a mixture of candy and activities. So far they have gotten their new ornaments for tree, written letters to santa, read christmas books, and of course eaten some candy. I'm loving this advent, it's so cute and easy. Pretty sure this one will be a keeper.

Since our Summer BINGO was such a hit, Macey thought we should do a winter one too. I like it cause it gives me ideas when my brain no longer seems to be functioning properly, like anytime after 2:00.

We saw the sweet lights at Thanksgiving Point. Miles kept asking if we were at Disneyland, or as he says it "Dis-knee-yand". It was just hilarious watching and listening to them, probably my favorite thing we have done so far. Plus, they had Santa's reindeer you could visit, Macey loved that.

We also went to the lights at Temple Square. It was extra nice to have Trina's house pretty much across the street this year, made it about a million times easier. Macey and Miles loved looking at all the different Nativities and Miles was of course obsessed with the blue lights. Crew was even awake this time and got to enjoy some of the festivities, when it wasn't too rainy or windy that is.

Since we pretty much missed the ball on teaching our children about the true meaning of Christmas last year due to me being curled up in a ball on the couch. We've been trying extra hard this year. For Family Home Evening this week we read a picture book about Jesus' birth and then did a Nativity Scavenger hunt. It was a hit and we already have plans to play again tomorrow.

We of course had to make our annual trip to visit Santa and there were no tears this time! Macey asked for a Petshop Family, Miles asked for T-Rex and Jake Toys.

It's official we crammed more in this week than the entire holiday season last year!

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So honored to have been a part of Winter Bingo! Seeing all of those "Activities" was so fun with you and the kids. :) And I love this year's Santa picture!! So great!
You are having the best December. Love the Santa picture and Miles and Macey talking to Santa.
Wow! You've done a ton already! It looks like you got the Santa picture thing figured out, that's good news. They turned out cute.
Can't believe you've done all this and it's only December 5th! What the heck, girl? You are a machine! I LOVE your advent calendar. We haven't got one, and I have a hard time finding one I really like. Maybe I'll copy you.
Nana and Opa
Temple Square is so beautiful at Christmas....we went while Paul was in Russia. Love the Santa pics.

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