prego update

Apr 15, 2014
I've got about 3 weeks left until my dr. will induce me and I cannot wait.

I had a few weeks where I felt half way decent, meaning I was only throwing up a few times a week and the nausea was much more manageable.  

During my few good weeks I volunteered in Macey's classroom a few times, I started taking the kids out in public ALONE, I even had a few weeks where I made dinner fairly consistently and I actually went to all 3 hours of church once for the first time in 8 months.  

Those days are over though.  I'm back to throwing fairly consistently and all that comes along with that.  Plus, being extremely large makes bending over rather difficult, especially in public bathrooms.

At my 36 week appt I was dilated to a 2 and at my ultra sound they couldn't even get a picture of her face because she was down in position and ready to go.  I'm trying not to get my hopes up, but I'd really like to go early.  The not sleeping and throwing up is getting really old.  I'd way rather not be sleeping while holding a cute baby, right?  

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Kelsey you look great. I am so excited for you and your upcoming pink arrival. Hang in there!
Kelsey you look great. I am so excited for you and your upcoming pink arrival. Hang in there!
nana and opa
So glad your wait is almost over!
nana and opa
So glad your wait is almost over!
You look great! I'm so excited for you to be done too it has been a long road for you. Can't wait to meet your sweet new little one!!

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Will i really miss it all?

Mar 22, 2014
You know all those articles people post on facebook and pinterest about how these are the best years of your life and enjoy your little kids now, because you will miss it when they get older?  

Or there was the time an older lady at Target told me how she enjoyed every minute when her kids were little, as I was wrestling with Miles, yelling at Macey to come back, and ignoring the screaming Crew in my cart.  And my response was "Really, EVERY moment?" Because I knew I was not enjoying myself at that particular time.  

Well, I've been trying to figure out what exactly are the things I will  miss when they grow up? You know, the ones that are currently grating on my sick prego nerves and making me feel like I might actually go insane.  

Here's what I have come up with thus far: 

-Miles CONSTANTLY asking what things start with, telling me what things start with, and asking how to spell words.  While I know it's a good sign he's so interested in words, I sometimes just want to get through a meal, drive, walk, conversation...without having to tell him what letter 100 different words start with.  

-Crew 'helping' by sweeping and in turn knocking everything over and hitting unsuspecting children with the broom handle and walking right through my pile of crumbs.

-Loud car rides of laughing, singing, screaming, hugging, and poking.  Sometimes all I want is silence, but then I remind myself they are little and expecting them to ride silently is not only not age appropriate, it is also pretty lame. So, I turn up the music and hope no one gets their eye poked out.   

- The never ending pile of books they want read to them and having to read the same "Who Would Win" books over and over and over again.  Then there's the pile of books Macey wants to read to me.  

- Pushing Crew and Miles in the swings at the park.  They would stay there all day if I allowed it.  

-then there's the typical, dirty handprints and smudges EVERYWHERE. Teeth marks on all wood furniture in our entire house and finding random traces of food on the ceiling. 

- Food and tracks of mud on my floor right after I finish mopping.

- reminding Miles not to pee outside where all the neighbors are and to use the toilet.

- kid jokes 

- Finding condiments, otter pops, and anything else Crew steals from the fridge, hiding under the couch. And finding silverware, toys, and other important things in the garbage can. 

- Having to pretend I'm scared every time Miles and Crew yell "BOO!" at me.  Which comes out to exactly 100 times a day. 

So, for now I'm trying to enjoy the chaos because, I know that someday my house and car will be quiet.  I will be able to shower without screaming children. I will get through a trip to the grocery store with all my dignity still intact. I might even find the energy/motivation to get in shape.  

Someday they won't ask me every question on their mind and they will realize that I don't know everything. And I might even miss pushing them in the park swings.  

I know I will miss their chubby cheeks and chubby hands.  

The slobbery kisses on the lips and the absolute hilarious things they say.   I will miss the adorable tiny clothes and the way Crew runs. I will miss Miles' extremely loud screams of happiness.  And I will miss Macey whispering in my ear that I am her favorite person in the entire world.

I might even miss them constantly jumping on my orange couch.

I will most definitely miss being the center of their universe.  

The rest only time will tell, but I am pretty sure I will miss it all.   

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Some of the things on that list are pretty obnoxious, but come on, I know you've got better material than that! You don't make it sound bad enough, and three kids is ca-razy, plus you're preggo and super sick. Kudos to you for staying optimistic. I was just thinking a couple nights ago, how much it drives me nuts when all three kids are fighting and whining to be in my lap at the same time, and how sad I will be when no one wants to cuddle with me anymore.
I promise you will miss it. But being the best years of your life, I don't think so, but they are way up there. There is so much more to come. You know how you forget how horrid it is to be pregnant and you do it again, well the hard times will also fade and you will remember the good times and how fun it is to be the mom of 3 pre-schoolers (that's me). But the years go fast even though the days can be long. Enjoy the moments!

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Dr. pepper

Feb 11, 2014
So, at the throat doctor yesterday I was informed that I must stop drinking all pop.  To some I know this isn't a big deal, but to me this is huge...huge.  

I drink 1-2 cans a day, on average.  Dr. Pepper helps me to feel sane when my children have gone crazy.  It's my reward for working out or cleaning the floors. When I'm super nauseous, I can sip on it and it helps me feel better.  When I'm exhausted from car pool or running errands, I can run through McDonald's drive thru for one and I feel instantly better. And after I throw up, it helps to numb my sore throat.  

Today is my first full day with no Dr. Pepper and let me tell you, it has sucked.  

For starters, I'm of course throwing up, which makes me about a million times crankier to begin with.  On top of that Miles has forgotten how to use a normal voice and is just whining, crying, or yelling whenever he wants something or doesn't get his way.  Crew, being the copy cat that he is, is also yelling and screaming about everything today.  Now, Macey is throwing a fit because she doesn't know how to spell "better". 

Normally, I would lock them in their rooms and sit down and drink a nice, cold Dr. Pepper and it would help my troubles to melt away.  Today all I have for comfort is a glass of cold water and they of course won't stay in their rooms anyways. 

I guess it's time for me to come up with a new coping strategy, and fast. Plus, I better see some quick results in the improvement of my throat, to make this worth it! 

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um. this is horrifying. my first instinct on reading this is to bring you a Dr. Pepper today when I come! haha. I'm so sorry. we'll find you a replacement :/
Like you I am trying to give up my diet pop. Hate it! Try some gatorade on ice, I know it's not the same. Can you look anymore adorable pregnant?!?
I am sorry about your Dr. Pepper. I'm sure it's rough to give the only thing that makes your nausea better. Praying the next 14 weeks fly by for you.
This is a crisis. Whenever I think of Dr. Pepper I think of you, and vice versa. It's part of your identity!! ;) I hope you find a replacement. That's the worst when you have something that makes it all better and then you have to give up that something. Suck. For me it's corn chips! Hope your throat gets better. You make me laugh ;)
So sorry Kelsey :(
So sorry Kelsey :(
well let's just say i hope you never start drinking anything heartier, cuz i'd hate to see you giving up energy drinks or coffee! how about some sonic ice to crunch on?

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10 years people.

Aug 19, 2013
How these things happen I do not know, but Paul and I just celebrated our 10 year anniversary.  Crazy!!  Most of the time I feel like we just graduated from college, but here we are 3 kids and 5 houses later.  

I couldn't turn down the chance to do a comparison picture:

Seattle Temple the day we got married...

Our back yard 10 YEARS LATER...

If someone told me on our wedding day that we would still be in Utah 10 years later I would of cried right there on the spot.  I never would of thought I'd actually grow to love it here. Although I'm pretty sure I'd live most anywhere as long as Paul was there. :)  I have also learned to quit predicting where life will take us next. 

At least we don't look too old yet, right?  

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Happy anniversary! Wow, 10 years, really? You guys look good. I also can't believe you've never left Utah. Someday... but like you said, the important thing is not where you are, but who you're with. You guys are good together!
Congratulations! Look what you have built the last 10 years. Believe me where you are at is where I feel I should be at.
nana and opa
Congrats! Neither one of you have changed at all.....just added those precious little ones to the family. Love you!

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Getting My Craft On

Oct 19, 2010
Now that I can no longer hang out at the pool getting a tan, I have been feeling a bit crafty.

I copied my sister's idea and made these festive soap dispensers. I of course saw these orange soap dispensers on one of my many trips to Target, but couldn't think of anything to do with them. Later that day though, when I saw Brianne's post, I ran back out and picked up the last 2.

Since you can't play games without having a prize for the winner, I made these mummies for Fright Fest. I found the idea here.

The big item I've been working on this month though is a quilt. Yes, a quilt. No, I do not sew, but I decided now would be a good time to learn. At church we've been collecting squares for the last year, one each week that corresponds to the lesson, and now I am learning how to sew along with the 12-18 year old girls. It's been an experience.

One evening, after a bit of a struggle with the sewing machine, I decided to ease my frustration by making Miles' birthday banner. My Cricut did not let me down and I felt much better about myself and my crafting abilities when I was done.

Macey of course wanted in on the craft action. We've done a few different things this month, but this is the only one I documented with a photo.

I cut jack'o lantern faces out of masking tape and then Macey painted the rocks. She loved it.

Macey making a scary face

And lastly, on Saturday, we decided to fix some things about the playroom that have been bothering me. We still have a few things left to do down there, like hang stuff on the walls. But, it's already my new fav place to hang out.

It's actually been kind of fun this month having a list of projects and I'm thinking I might need to find some more stuff to make. That is, once I can figure out how to finish my quilt.
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You are so crafty! I'm excited that you're learning to sew!
Genius. I wish I was your next door neighbor so you'd pull me in and let me learn from your crafty mind. I love everything you do, but never get any ideas myself.
Kelsey Navasard
Oh Angie, I wish you were my next door neighbor too! Imagine the fun we'd have.
You inspired me. I made the candy bar mummies for our 12-13 yr old Sunday School class and painted pumpkins with Hazel tonight. Thanks! Keep bringin' on the great ideas. You are always stellar at that.
Ok I need more info on the quilt idea with the yw. I love it! Your playroom is amazing! I'm sorry I didn't call you when we were in town. We wanted to do so much and then we just ran out of time...and energy!

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