Mar 1, 2020
The theme for January was Basketball.  

It is one of my favorite ways to pass a cold January Saturday. 

The boys both played every Saturday and luckily, never at the exact same time. 

And sometimes it was too cold to practice outside, there were lots of dribbling drills in the living room. 

And don't let this picture fool you, Miles has been loving basketball this season.  He just kills me with pictures, always worth over paying when i get a keeper like this.  

Lots of BYU games. 

Crew finally graduated to being old enough to bring a friend.  Lucky for me, he picked Liam, so then I got a friend too. :)  

It was Liam's first BYU basketball game, so we pulled out all the stops.  Cougar Tail, Getting on the jumbotron, and BYU won.  Pretty much perfection.  They can't wait to go together again next season.  

These girls danced the night away.  

and Paul and I got tickets in Domo's suite for a Jazz Game.  My favorite kind of date night.  

Next up was Snow.  

Erin and I found these footprints going between our houses.  It was determined to be Miles, although all 8 of kids are crazy enough to walk barefoot in the snow.  

I hiked and hiked and hiked in January.  

Kacie and I started our own hiking group.  

Rock Canyon: 

some days were rather frigid, but it didn't stop us.  

Battle Creek: 

Although, we were almost stopped by a blizzard.  We ended up going to breakfast, but the weather calmed down, so we just headed out for a walk around the neighborhood so we didn't feel like too big of wimps.  

Johnson's Bowl:  


- The kids still walked to school or the bus stop (further) everyday, that's just the kind of mom I am. :)  

- We finally got some good sledding in.

Rock Canyon: 

And Soldier Hollow with the Goodwins. 

it was crazy.  We'd never been before when you went so fast down the hill.  There was lots of crashing into people and the safety barriers, but luckily no one from our group was involved.  

Fang turned one!!  

I even made him a homemade peanut butter cake with banana frosting.  

He didn't quite know what to do when everyone was singing him Happy Birthday.  

He just wanted to get to his cake. 

This is one well loved dog.  

Fang is always living his best life.  

Even when being tortured by Ruby. 

One of the best parts about Fang though is he keeps the kids company on sick days.  

And there have been so many sick days this winter, so at least that helps him earn his keep. 

Crew caught the worst of it, with a nasty case of croup.  He had to sleep in our room so I could monitor his breathing, meaning I didn't sleep, but luckily he did.  After lots of steamy showers, midnight porch sittings breathing in the cold air and a dose of steriods, he finally started to feel better.  

- Ruby had her 100th day of school!!

- Macey made it into her school's Geography Bee and did awesome.  

- and the rest of January was survived with lots of puzzles, play dates, and book reading under blankets.  

Might of actually been one of my shorter January's.  February on the other hand seemed to last about 58 days.  

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The Best Week Ever!

Feb 13, 2008
Our house was hit full force with the stomach flu this week. It all began Sunday during Stake Conference. We were sitting in the back row quietly listening to who was being called to the new Stake Presidency, when Macey started coughing. It was just her normal I want attention cough, so we ignored her. Then, out of no where I was covered in yogurt and oatmeal. Needless to say we hurried out of church and went home to do laundry and baths. The rest of the day went on without much of a hitch. We had a few fun diapers and a little more throw up, but other than that Macey seemed fine.

Then, Monday evening came around. It hit me full force around 5:00. Luckily Paul was home at this point so he was available to meet my many requests and take care of Macey while I was occupied with other things. The highlight of the evening was about 7:00 when Macey started throwing up and which then caused me to do the same. Apparently I was getting dehydrated because when I was in the bathroom I fainted, luckily Paul was close by to catch me before I hit the tile. After another fainting episode on my part and a few more throw up clean ups for Paul, he got sick too. Needless to say we were a mess and wished we had family near by to come take care of Macey.

We are now happy to report that we have survived the stomach flu and have a lot of sterilizing and cleaning up to do as Macey made lots of messes while we were both laying on the couch.
Tags: lifesick
Wow, that sounds HORRIBLE! I'm glad you're all getting better now. I wish I had been nearby so I could have helped with Macey, but I'm also glad I was 2000 miles away so I couldn't catch it. Yuck. I'm glad Paul caught you when you fainted.
How awful! I'm glad you three are feeling better. Hopefully you don't get sick again!
That's terrible!!! It's bad enough when one person is sick but EVERYONE? That stinks. Glad that you survived!
Sorry you guys were so sick! I'm glad everyone's better now.
Hey! my cuz jess said you guys did some pic stuff, and it was way fun, SO excited to see the finished product.
hi kelsey! I just happened to find your blog and I see that you and paul have a baby girl! how fun! well I have a blog too, monluxfamily.blogspot.com, stop by and leave a comment when you have the time!

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Sick of being Sick

Sep 6, 2007
Paul has now been sick for a whole week and he hasn’t been to work either! He went to the doctors today and they ran some tests and are going to get back to him with the results this weekend. The doctor thinks it is either West Nile Virus or Mono?! Neither of those sound too good to me. Paul is now getting back at me for the all the things I made him do while I was pregnant and puking. I even peeled an apple for him today, just like he used to do for me. I cannot wait until he feels better! I didn’t realize how much he does around here other than taking the trash out. The only thing I’m jealous about with Paul being sick is that he doesn’t have to talk at church on Sunday and I still do. = (
Oh well, at least he won’t be there to laugh at me when I mess up. Hopefully the doctors will figure out what weird virus he has contracted before it’s too late.
Tags: Paulsick
Yikes! I hope Paul gets better soon!
Poor Paul. That's good that you are there to take care of him. And just remember... he will have to talk at church later and you won't.
Yikes! We're pretty sure that I got West Nile virus last summer. For about two weeks I had these crazy high fevers that would come and go randomly. I also got really bad headaches and flu symptoms. Not fun. About a month after, I read the symptoms on a news story about all the Utah Valley West Nile Outbreaks and the symptoms were the same as mine. Hope you get better soon.

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