Park city

Jan 31, 2015
Paul won a weekend getaway to Park City for a Halloween Costume contest at work, so we cashed it in a few weeks ago.  

We stayed at the Stein Erikson, which was amazing!!  I could get used to the 5 star hotel treatment.  

We made sure to avoid Sundance Weekend, but there were still plenty of stars to be spotted.  Including Kim and Kanye while I was schooling Paul in chess in our hotel lobby.  

We even had our own private hot tub on our deck. We just had to get ourselves psyched up to take off our robes and get in the hot tub in the freezing weather. 

The highlight of the weekend, besides being kidless for an entire weekend for the first time ever, was dog sledding.  

It was better than I anticipated it being.  There was fresh powder, the sun was shinning and we were the only ones around.  

The dogs were hilarious and super friendly.  My favorite was of course the one eyed dog, who reminded me of my beloved cat Wilma. :)


It was like a roller coaster ride, I was surprised at how fast they would fly down the hills.  It was a blast.  

We shopped, we ate, we watched movies, ordered room service, and just relaxed.  It was awesome.  Plus, getting picked up by a black escalade anytime we called was pretty awesome too.  

Being up there kind of made me want to learn to ski, kind of.  
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mom and dad
Glad y'all had such a fun time. I think it would be easy to get used to that lifestyle!
Sweet! I can't believe that was your first weekend without kids ever. Who watched your kiddos? I'm so glad you had a great weekend with just Paul!

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An Actual Vacation

Jan 6, 2015
Before January gets away from me, I have to record the rest of our awesome Christmas Vacation with Paul.  

Paul's office was closed for the break, so it was pretty much his first real vacation where he didn't work at all.  There was no one else at the office to call him with issues or was amazing.  Plus, not traveling and being on our own schedule, made for a very restful break.  

Paul took advantage of being home and got a lot of projects down around the house. The main one being finishing the closet under the stairs in the basement, that my dad and him started last year. Or "The Hideout", as the kids refer to it.    

All 3 are in love with The Hideout and have already spent many hours playing in it.  And I am happy to have gained an extra 30 square feet to help us get through winter in our tiny (but loved) house.  

-  After Paul finished his work around the house, we had lots of time left over to play.  We went swimming, to the Bean Museum, SLC, byu basketball games, sledding, lots of playing out front, braved public restaurants, and ran lots of errands.  

One particular snowy day we took the kids down to Rock Canyon to sled on some bigger hills.  It was snowing hard, so there was lots of powder.  I took Crew down after Paul and M&M had made a track, thinking he wouldn't get too much snow in his face.  

We ended up covered in snow, he was completely white from head to toe and screaming about how a big snowball got him.  I could not stop laughing and screaming (due to all the snow that went down my clothes). 

Crew and Miles spent 75% of the time crying and pouting.  Paul, Macey, and I spent 100% of our time laughing at them and having a blast in the crazy snow storm.  I was just glad we had dropped Ruby off at Holly's.  

While Crew was crying in the car afterward we asked him if he'd want to go sledding again and he answered between sobs, "Maybe Later".  We were rolling. :)  

-We had New Year's Eve with The Browns and the kids all behaved exceptionally well...meaning they played in the basement and left us alone. :)  We even had time to learn and play a new card game while the 6 big kids entertained themselves downstairs.  

Crew and Liam were pretty hilarious all night playing together.  They only got in "trouble" one time, when they locked themselves in Michelle's cold storage to build and then knock over towers of soup cans. 

We put on a fake countdown just after 9:00 and then had all our kids tucked in bed and fast asleep by 10:00.  It was a perfect evening.  

-There were also lots of movie nights.  The favorite being the introduction to The Princess Bride.  All the kids loved it.   Crew would hop up and sword fight right along with them.

We were sick with the flu the Sunday before Christmas, so I tried to take a picture of the kids in their Sunday Christmas Clothes the next week. 

This is all I could get.  Typical.  

We also got babysitters, a lot.  

We are back to real life now and I am actually ready to face it.  

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I showed Princess Bride to Hazel a few months ago and she LOVED it. She asked me to read her the book next. We did the fake midnight New Year's Eve for the kids as well. Great minds think alike! I'm jealous of all your date nights. We need to stop moving around so we can build up our babysitter list.
And I remembered what I wanted to say the most of all: I hate trying unsuccessfully to get pictures of all my kids smiling together, because it never seems to work out, but I love to see pictures of everyone else's kids being wiggly and real in front of the camera. I think I need to embrace it more, because those are probably actually the pictures I'll love when the kids are older, not the perfect looking ones. The others tell a better story.

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Snow Day!!

Dec 20, 2008
Today has been a perfect Saturday so far! We slept in, ate breakfast burritos, and then went sledding.

Macey went sledding a few times last year but was pretty indifferent towards it. This year though she is loving it. The moment she gets in the sled she's already yelling "Weeeeee". She liked watching the other kids on the hill seld, but mostly all she wanted to do was go down the hill herself. The moment we got back to the top she was already climbing back into the sled ready for another run.

There are so many cute pictures, but here's a few of my favs:

This was her first time sledding this winter, I'd say she's enjoying it!

She was already yelling "weeee".

Paul got a little tired pulling Macey up the hill everytime, but she loved it.

Getting pulled back to the car after a tiring morning of sledding!

Now all that needs to happen for this to be a perfect Saturday is for BYU to win their game!!

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Talk about CUTE! I miss her so much already and it's only been a week. Thanks for letting us come and visit we had the best time and you always make us feel so welcome. Go BYU!!!
Her expressions are so adorable! she's so cute and I'd say she totally loved it! :) What an adventurous girl!
Fun! I wish we had a sledding hill nearby. I'm totally jealous. But then we'd need to buy a sled.
Well the beginning of the day sounds great!!! Sorry about the later half.
:( Macey just gets cuter everyday! Those pictures are just precious!

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Maybe It's Not So Bad

Dec 16, 2008
When I looked out my window this morning and found inches of snow and saw that it was still falling, my stomach sank.

I used to love the snow, even in college when I had to trudge up to campus through it, I still loved it. Some of my greatest memories from growing up and from college (remember our sled Bessy?) have to do with the snow.

But, when I started teaching I slowly began to despise the snow. I hated driving to work in it and often my 15 minute drive would turn into an hour and I would be stressing the entire time. Snow also meant inside recess and crazy wet kids. Not fun!

So, when I saw the forecast for this week I could feel the stress begin to build inside of me. But, I am happy to report I am actually enjoying the snow today, and that's with venturing out to do my errands too! Maybe it's because I don't have to drive to work at 7 in the morning, or maybe it's because Paul put awesome winter tires on my car, or maybe it's because of Macey.

Ever since Macey woke up this morning she's been yelling "Snow, snow!". We finally got to go play in it after lunch and in true Macey form she dove right in. Despite falling and getting very wet she couldn't get enough of running through the snow and throwing it at me.

Even though I usually hate winter, I'm beginning to think that perhaps I actually might enjoy it this year (that is after I've made all my trips to the airport this week).

Here's some pictures of Macey playing in the snow this afternoon:

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She looks so adorable in her little snow pants and snow gear. :) I'm glad it's not so bad for you this year. I on the other hand was up driving to work from 6:30 - 8 this morning. :) haha. why did it have to snow this week of all weeks. :)
SO CUTE!!! Hey, you gotta check out my blog and vote! DId you already??
She's getting so big! Cute brown hat Macey!

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