Ruby Rue

May 12, 2016
My baby is 2.

Sometimes I want my sweet, quiet baby back.

But, she's just so cute and busy, I don't usually have time to dwell on days past for too long.  

She is a very typical toddler, in that, she is busy, loud, opinionated, moody, cute, and cuddly.

She is gets into the most trouble of any of my 2 year olds.  

She has already figured out how to break through the door knob and cupboard child locks.  She can sense if a crayon, pencil or pen is within reach and will color on as many surfaces as possible until she is caught.  She removes her pjs and diaper much more often than I would prefer.

 If the doors are not locked, she will escape outside the moment your back is turned.  Each day she gets closer to being able to unlock the doors herself too.  Ruby has been banned from getting a drink at Sodalicious, because she ALWAYS eats the cup.  

If she is mad, she will throw whatever is in reach at you.  She is constantly beating up on Crew.  

She also broke the fridge and freezer childlock and is constantly being caught eating stolen frozen waffles and toaster strudles.  

Some of her most used phrases are: 

hungry, eat
no, me do it
what color is dis?
where (insert any family member name) at?
drinky, chocolate milk

Some of my favorite things about Ruby at 2 are:

- How she calls herself "My Baby"
- when she tightly wraps her arms around my neck for a hug

- she will  tell long, elborate stories about her day and I can just catch a few works like swing, miles, crew, peter, ella, scooter, park, doggie, kitty
- her concern for where everyone is

- if i am on the phone she tries to grab it from me and says "Me see nana!"
- she knows all the neighbor kids names and is always talking about what they are doing when we are outside. 
- her crazy hair and how long it actually is

- how much she loves dolls, Macey despised dolls, so it's been so fun to get all these new toys

- She likes things in their proper place
- How she sucks her fingers and plays with her belly button when she's tired. 

Ruby's Favorite Things:


emptying and destroying things 
playing outside

following the boys around

mickey mouse
playing in Macey's room
watching home videos

baby dolls
riding her scooter
looking and talking about the instagram posters behind her high chair

Ruby didn't quite get the birthday thing, but the other kids loved picking out presents for her at the dollar store and helping her with all things birthday related.  

Everytime we cut a piece of cake she would say "oh, poor kitty" 

Between her, and those other 3 kids, I find myself collapsing on the couch out of sheer exhaustion each night.  But man, she's worth it.  

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I love Ruby's enthusiasm & spirit. She is full of life and trying to take after all the big kids. Happy Birthday Ruby!
Man, she's a cutie! What a great personality packed into that little body!

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March madness

Apr 7, 2016
The coming of March means everyone is outside as much as possible.  

I love sitting in the sun, chatting with my friends, and seeing what games the kids come up with.  

Thus far the most popular activities this spring seem to be races, soccer, tree climbing, and roller skating.  

Spring time out front is the best because the kids are so excited to see everyone again, that they all play so nicely together.  

And I love watching these baby friends.  

Ruby is getting quite proficient on her scooter and we have let her venture outside the circle a few times.  

If we try to assist or steer her away from falling off the curb she yells "No Help, No Help!". 

Gina sent me this picture the other day.  That would be my kids at her door.
There's a reason we install screen doors around's to keep these crazy kids from wandering into your house. :)  I am sure they were begging for a bag of cereal. 

Ruby and Crew also spend hours playing in the back and this is usually what it looks like at the end of the day.  

We have started up our Friday park days again and I have almost reached a perfect park stage with my kids (again). 

This is really the only park picture I have because I am usually too busy actually getting to talk with my friends.  Heaven.  

The first time it hit 70 we headed up the canyon with the scooter gang. Always an adventure with this group.  

The coming of March also means the end of BYU basketball games.  We LOVED having 4 season tickets this year and the kids are already talking about what games they want to go to next season.  

Julianne and I also ventured onto to campus with all the kids.  

I don't know what it is, but I just love watching my kids run around campus.  

Makes my heart happy to see them loving the places where I have so many awesome memories.  

A big highlight of March was taking the kids to see Frozen on Ice with the Brown's.  

Like most things Disney does it was amazing and even kept Crew and Miles entertained.  

Ruby has gotten extra crazy this month and is in full blown tornado toddler mode.  

She has figured out how to open doors and continues to break the child lock on the fridge.  As a result, she is constantly helping herself to a variety of snacks and getting into rooms she shouldn't.   

Crew and Ruby are also becoming quite the pair and they like to keep me on my toes.  

Our favorite worker at Chick-fil-a made a very accurate comment about Ruby the other day, "she is just as crazy as her hair".  

Speaking of her hair, it is getting super long, but you can't tell because it is so crazy curly.  And yes, I cannot keep this child clean. 
To help cope with the craziness that is this child I think March holds the record for most visits to Sodalicious.  :)

Miles also helps to keep Sodalicious in business with his antics at Kindergarten drop off. Luckily, we've got our system down and I have learned to lock the doors the moment he exits the vehicle and to only crack the window when he wants to try and convince me to let him back in (he has been known to climb through car windows that have been rolled down too far).  

 Luckily, I know he loves school, and the moment he sees his teacher he usually runs right over.  

And then Crew, Ruby and I are off to Sodalicious, again. :)  

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Thank you for keeping up on your blog! I love to read it and watch your cute and crazy kiddos grow and admire you as a Mom so much. I wish we lived closer! I really do.

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18 Months

Nov 12, 2015
My baby is 18 months...18 months!!!

And because I love things like this, here are Ruby and Macey in the same dress on their first day of nursery. 

tear. Love these sisters and can't believe how completely different they look.  

Ruby is very social, busy, curious and opinionated.  

She is non-stop.  

She does not like to be contained and has figured how to get out of her high chair buckle and all straps on grocery carts. She doesn't like to keep her pj's on and has developed the lovely habit of removing them and her diaper while in her bed.  

Ruby's Words:

Baby (pretty much refers to anything she wants)
may mee (hold me)
CJ (refers to most animals)
nice kitty
Animal sounds: roar, quack, moo
tank you
he go (here you go)
na-nee (nana)

Ruby's Favorites:

stuffed animals
real animals

Ruby's Pastimes:

climbing onto the table
playing outside with her friends & getting pulled in the wagon
tackling Crew
eating anything she can find. she often steals the boys food the moment they       leave it unattended.  
emptying anything that she can find too

Ruby almost makes me want to have another baby, that's how awesome she is. ;) 

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Can't believe she is 18 months. I sure have seen enough of her. Love her zest for life. My favorite word she says is Na-Nee. =)

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The Rest of September

Oct 11, 2015
I always think I'm going to be devastated when school starts and summer comes to an end, but Utah's fall always has a way of reminding me that I love it too.  

We said our final goodbyes to the pool. 

and enjoyed our last outdoor movie.  

and we haven't looked back since. 

I didn't think I'd love afternoon kindergarten like I do, but we've got our schedule down and I am loving it.

 We play all morning and run our errands.  Then Ruby naps while Miles is at school and I get my introverted extrovert time.  Meaning, I lock myself in my house and am lazy, in order to recover from my busy and usually social mornings.  

Miles is doing better than I expected just a month into school.  

Which meant I no longer had an excuse to put off potty training Crew. 

It clicked after 2 long days and we've been pretty good ever since.  

And this is his typical look anymore.  Always some type of injury.  

Ruby is pretty much the reason I still get nothing done around the house and is my entertainment for most of the day.  

She can never resist a good tackling opportunity.
She is constantly on the table and is always trying to steal the boys' lunch.  

She wore her first baby pony tail this month.  

And she loves to run around with her neighbor BFF, Ella.  

The kids are pretty much outside from when they get home from the bus until dinnertime.  
Love all these kids and the moms I never get pictures of. 

Lucky for us, Peter has afternoon school too, so the scooter bandits have plenty of time to explore together.  

The weather has been perfect for park hopping.  

Playing outside at the Children's Museum.  

September always brings with it Chalk the Block.

The School Carnival.

And plenty of hiking.  

We made M&M skip school to go exploring in Big Cottonwood Canyon.  

We attempted to hike to Donut Falls in the spring, but there was too much snow on the trail for us to make it and it was pretty much a disaster. 

Glad we tried again.  

Can't wait till I can do it when the kids are bigger and we can actually climb up and see the "donut hole".  

Utah Mountains never disappoint, though.  

For labor day, I wanted to have a picnic in a secluded meadow, as I was sick of most people.

Brenden came through, finding us the perfect spot.  It was our kids biggest hike to date and there was quite a bit of elevation gain, but it was so worth not seeing a single person on the trail and getting to have an entire mountain meadow to ourselves.  

Seriously, these views.  Makes the whining much more bearable.  

Julianne and I made sure to recover and have a little nap while the boys took the kids off to explore, once we reached the meadow.  

Love where we live.  

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Nana and opa
Great pics! Glad y'all have outdoor kids! Paul and his brother and sister were also outdoor kids.
So pretty! Nothing beats Utah in the fall. I can't wait to see your October pictures! Does Paul have a selfie stick, or is his arm really long enough to capture that group shot? I'm impressed.

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The big 01

May 25, 2015
My baby is one and it is sad and exciting all at the same time.  You know how it goes.  

She is walking everywhere.  I never thought I'd like an early walker (she walked at 11 months vs the other 3 at 14 months), but man, it's nice.  

I love that the crawling stage was so short.  Besides, we would not get to spend nearly as much time outside if she was still crawling around everywhere.  And now that she has mastered walking, she loves trying to climb anything and everything.  

She of course loves to get into things and make messes, but that's just part of her job.  

Ruby is a joy at church and I often lock her in here when I need a break from chasing her.  

She loves real food and has very little patience for people trying to feed her things like yogurt or oatmeal, she'd much rather feed herself.  

She has transitioned to sippy cups and cows milk like a pro.  

Her favorite things right now are her baby doll, leaves on trees, attacking the boys, the play kitchen, and handing people things.  

She loves to feed her baby play food.  It's hilarious, because she mostly just throws the food at the babies head. :)  But, sometimes she's gentle and actually tries to feed her baby a bottle. 

Her current tricks include waving, clapping, saying "hi" to everyone she sees, giving high fives, shaking her head "no", giving hugs and shaking her head like a crazy person when she's excited.  

She loves to play peek a boo and watch Mario Cart.  Her signature dance move is a squat mixed with a head shake, it's adorable.  She also can hold her own with the boys and I love it.  

And one of the best things about her is she gets so excited when she sees you after any sort of absence.  She's the first to run to Paul or Macey when they get home.

Her current words are "Hi" and "Mama", accompanied with lots of grunting, screaming, and pointing.  

Her actual birthday wasn't too thrilling, but I don't think she minded one bit.  

The weather finally cooperated and we threw her an impromptu party this past weekend. 

This is the first birthday cake I have made since Macey turned 5!!! It was proof to me that I am actually feeling better and am starting to be able to handle my current life.  

The effort was worth it too, since Ruby loved it.  

Ruby's 12 Month Stats: 

Length: 31 inches (95th percentile)
Weight: 22 lbs 8 oz (84th percentile)  

Ruby is feisty, curious, friendly,

opinionated, an amazing sleeper,

 and pretty much our favorite baby!

And, since I just can't help myself here is Ruby's first year month by month pictures:

Yes, she grew up way too fast, in case you were wondering.  :)

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She's completely adorable, both her looks and - it sure sounds like it - her personality. I wish I could meet her. I know I always say that, but you just sell her so good on your blog! Her peeky toe shoes are darling. And, evidently, you are a headband master. A cute one every month! Also, that cake is above and beyond. Wow. I'm glad you're feeling better. :)

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