Viva Las Vegas

May 18, 2018
To celebrate knowing each other half of our lives we decided a trip to Vegas was in order.  

First day in our apartment soph year, Aug 2001. 

I was a bit overwhelmed with selling our current house, building our new house, just getting back from Washington, and dealing with everyday kid (Miles) things.  So, these amazing ladies just let me show up. 

December 2001

I planned nothing.  I made no choices (other than New York New York roller coaster).  I didn't get an uber once.  I didn't even have to drive or navigate.  They pretty much let me be dead weight and it was just what I needed.  

These are my people and I am grateful everyday I got to go through college with them.  Words can't even express what I feel for these 3 and how I will be forever grateful they were put in my path.  

April 2002

We ate amazing food and did lots of people watching.  

We sat poolside.

We hiked.  

We choose the strenuous hike for the first time in 11 years, since we didn't have kids with us. 

It was a blast.  Lots of climbing, slipping, and laughing.  We even lost the trail for awhile. 

But, we climbed to higher ground and figured it out.  We are pretty Bad-A like that. 

I never thought Las Vegas could be beautiful.  I was wrong.  

Never a dull moment with this group.  

After our hiking we got thai massages.  One of the crazier things I've done. :)  We haven't stopped laughing about it and pretty much it just bonded us even more.  

We had tickets to see Celine.  Sadly, she cancelled her show. Backstreet Boys weren't performing on the night we could go.  So, naturally we ended up at Penn and Teller.  

I still can't figure out how they did any of those tricks up on stage.  It was impressive.    

My one requested activity was to ride the New York, New York roller coaster.

So good for the soul to have a little terror mixed in with screaming and laughter with some of your favorite people.  

Here's Emily and I riding it back in 2002.  We still make the same terrified faces. 

Another throw back to mine and Emily's first time to Vegas together in February 2002 when we were 19.

Still BFF's 18 years later.  

Another highlight for me was having uninterrupted time to talk with Michelle on our drive to and from Vegas.  When we get together we usually have 4-8 children running all around us, so it's hard to get a complete sentence in.   We also got to listen to the old CD mixes we burned, on Michelle's beloved CD burner, in college.  Best of times.  

It's been 18 years.  Lots of moves between us.  Even more kids.  We've had different life experiences and we have a variety of views on a variety of topics.  Yet through it all, we have been able to remain close. 

August 2001

It's a privilege to be able to surround myself with these strong women who are passionate about the life they are living.  I pray everyday my kids make friends like these when they go to college.   

September 2011

July 2013

April 2018


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You guys are the best and I am so thankful that Kelsey found all of you went she went to college. Nothing better than life long friends to support you in all that you do. Love all of you girls so much!

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Girls Trip

Jul 29, 2013
When we saw that Mary Poppins was playing at Tuachan, we knew it would be the perfect destination for this years Roommate Reunion.  We also decided to bring our girls with us and they couldn't of been more excited to be included in the festivities.  

Macey was so excited, she wanted to match clothing everyday.  Lucky for me she settled for the first day.  We wore orange and white strips.

Michelle and I agreed it was our most relaxing road trip to date.  The 3 girls just entertained themselves on the drive and there was no whining at all.  

Macey and Amaryllis were quite happy to be reunited and even more excited that we shared a room together.  

We lucked out with the weather, it could not of been more perfect for July in St. George.  The evening of the play was a perfect 76 degrees.  

I didn't get any good pictures of the red rocks in the background, but it was gorgeous!  If you haven't got to see a play at Tuachan, go!

We could not resist these Mary Poppin's umbrellas and Macey was so happy to see that Mary Poppin's had the exact same one in the play.

We loved the play and it was fun to hear the broadway songs.  The best though was watching the girls faces when they saw Mary Poppins fly and when the fireworks started.  Magical.  

We ate a lot.

Swam a lot. 

And we of course had to do a Favorite Things Party.  We did a separate one for the little girls and they loved it.
We then had to paint rainbow nails with all the new nail polishes they got.

Love these girls. 

And these ones of course too.  

Crazy how much changes in 13 years, but then how much stays the same.  

Can't wait for our next adventure together.  


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I cant believe you all have little GIRLS, and that they are all friends, how cute! Love your blog :)
Ps that comment was Char:

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Baby Gone Wild!

Oct 8, 2008
Emily and I threw a baby shower for one of our old roomies Angie. We had so much fun with the theme and actually getting to plan it together. Having the shower also served as a great motivator for Paul to finish our backyard!
Here's some pictures from the evening:

Here we are freshman year at Kimball, I never would of thought we'd be getting together 8 years later!

One of our freshman roommates ended up not being able to make it to the shower so we moved the party over to her house later that night. We reminisced about our crazy days in the dorms and laughed until we cried. Afterwards Emily and I couldn't resist visiting Kimball and taking a picture in our old sign. Are we nerds or what, but here's the pictures:
Pic 1: Freshman yr, 2001 Pic 2: Graduation, 2004 Pic 3: Sept 2008

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that shower is so stinkn cute! and how fun to have all those friends back together, college was seriously the funnest part my life (its pretty sweet now too, dont get me wrong)
The shower looked great! Did you frost those cupcakes? Love the pink shoes.
That was such a fun night. Thanks again!!!
You guys are so fun! I love the last set of pictures. You will be grandma's taking that same picture!
Those are the best looking collages I have ever seen.
I have to agree with Paul. :) Angie looks so stinking amazing in that cowboy hat. I think she could drive todd wild with it. :) she pulls it off way better than most I'd say. :) I love the sign pics,.. those are hilarious. you guys crack me usual. :)

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Scooter Girls

Oct 1, 2008
Emily and I used to dream about having scooters in college and being in a scooter gang. We would look with envying eyes at every group of scooters that passed us as we walked or drove through Provo. We eventually ended up settling for Razor Scooters, which turned out to be quite fun, but not what had always dreamed of. Here we are with Duffers (the scooter) on Halloween as the Scooter Bandits.

Click on me, I get bigger

Then when we went on a cruise together 2 years ago that dream was realized, even if it was only for a day. This last week we had the opportunity to live out part of that dream again when we got to cruise my neighborhood on this baby! Maybe someday I'll actually get to be in a real scooter gang (this is a reminder to all of my local friends- buy a scooter ), until then I'll just have to remember the fun times I've had.

Click on me, I get bigger

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That's funny you should post that today because I just saw my copy of Paul's "To my Scooter Girl".
I'm glad that I helped you realize your dream by getting hit from behind to get enough insurance money to buy you your dream scooter.

Keep on scootn' on
Jeanie Earl
OK...U R just 2 funny!! Good 2 C you are loving life at home and in the 'fast lane'! Macey is growing too fast! Miss seeing ya!
and if you do buy a scooter, don't forget to accessorize it with leopard accents.
you guys are so hard core! please when the dream comes true dont forget to get leather chaps with fringe.
oh man, I forgot about duffers. Those were the days.
Brad, how could you forget about Duffers!! What kind of friend are you?

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Kelmily Reunion (again)!

Sep 26, 2008
Emily and Amaryllis were here visiting us last week and we of course had a blast. Macey and Amaryllis were pretty worn out by the end of the week, but it was all worth it. We had the chance to get together with some of our old roommates and do ALOT of reminiscing about our "crazy" college days. It is so weird to think that it's been 8 years since we came out to BYU and all met each other! I decided to pull out my old boxes of pictures from college, so I could see how much older I look. It turned out not to be such a good idea though, because I look alot older. :)

So, here's a few old and a few new pictures so you can see how much we've all changed.
Here's Emily and I freshman year eating fun dips in front of our dorm.

Now here we are 8 years later (we still wear our leopard slippers though)!

The craziest realization this week was that between my 3 best college friends and myself we have 7 kids!!! Here's the picture to prove it.
This is us at the end of our freshman year.

and this is us now!

Even though it's been 8 years we all still feel exactly the same and I'm so glad we are all still good friends.

I'll be posting much more from Emily's visit, so don't worry. ;)
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Sup Southridge
Dang, we look so much hotter now. Macey's face in that picture kills me!

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