School's out for summer

Jun 3, 2014

Man, this little preschooler has grown up a lot this year!  Kind of makes me sad he's leaving his toddler days behind.  
Miles has been so lucky this year in the teacher department.  As you all know he can be a handful and Miss Karli always handled him with love.  It was not an easy year for Miles, or myself, and I was so glad we had Karli in his corner when other adults in his life labeled and underestimated him and his abilities.  

If you ask Miles who his best friends are Miss Karli is always in the top 3.  

He also got lucky with his Talking Time teachers.  They were amazing and never had a shortage of ideas to motivate him.  They had to work hard to get this kid to focus, but it paid off.  He is saying sounds and words, that were next to impossible 5 months ago.  

Miles is one of those kids you really have to love if you want to be able to reach him and I know these teachers all loved him.  Because of that he has learned so much this year and it has given me hope that he will survive public school. :)  


This was a hard and emotional year for Macey, mostly due to me being so sick for pretty much the entire school year.  

There were weeks where she called me everyday and I had to drag my pukey self over to the school to calm her down.  I am so grateful for Mrs. Cobia being understanding of our home situation and taking the time to give Macey what she needed.  

My favorite thing about 1st grade was seeing Macey turn into a reader!  It's so awesome to be able to watch a kid when it just clicks and see this whole new world open up to them.  I love being out with her and watching her read everything!  She started the year on a level C and ended it on an M.  Love it!

Macey's Favorite Things about First Grade:

- Reading and math and art
- When I read her Mrs. Piggle Wiggle 
- Favorite Book: Rainbow Magic Fairies series
- Favorite Field Trips: Zoo and Children's Museum
- favorite thing about Mrs. Cobia- How she liked to tease and trick us

While Macey's kindergarten year flew by, this year was the complete opposite! Even though I am sad they are getting too big, I am glad this year is behind us and am excited for the changes to come!   Love these 2 "big kids".   

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nana and opa
Thanks for putting up the "before" and "after" pics. It's wonderful to see how much they have grown. So proud of all the hard work Miles had put in to talking time.
Love the photos - they have grown up so much this year. I love how Miles still has his T-Rex shirts. They are such wonderful kids!! Love them!

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School pictures

Oct 25, 2013
Love school pictures.  There's just something about that background and the classic head shot that makes me happy.  

Macey is still loving first grade.  Her favorite subject is math and her favorite thing about school is still recess.  I'm so happy she is loving it and that she has so many sweet friends to spend the day with.  

Miles' preschool class got lucky and had the talented Holly, of hrob photography, come do their class pictures.  Miles was pretty excited for Holly to come to his preschool class and as a result we actually got pictures of him smiling and looking at the camera.

He still gets mad when he finds out it's a preschool morning, but he always excitedly runs from the car to his school when I drop him off.  When I ask what he did he still responds, "nothing.  me just look at the wall." But, he says it with a sneaky grin, so I know he's teasing me. 

He can't even make it to the car before he shows me all the stuff in his backpack and he loves hanging his school work on the fridge the moment we walk in.  There is an obvious theme that stretches across all his work too...T-Rex. 

I'm so glad he's loving preschool and that his teachers have a lot of love and patience for this boy.  

In Crew news, this kid is into everything and has discovered how useful stools can be in order to get things just out of reach.

An example...Tonight Macey made chocolate covered marshmallows for our neighborhood Halloween Carnival.  We covered them in saran wrap and pushed them to the back of the counter, thinking they were safe.  

A little later I see Crew walking around with one of our marshmallows.  Sure enough he had pulled the stool over, pulled the marshmallows to the edge, and sneakily took one and only one marshmallow.  If I hadn't caught him with the evidence I wouldn't even of noticed he'd taken one.  

These kids sure do keep me on my toes and make sure I have very little time for things like napping.  

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Fun update of all the kids. Love their school photos. Crew is one sneaky little guy.
Fun update of all the kids. Love their school photos. Crew is one sneaky little guy.

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Sep 4, 2013
Miles started preschool this week.  

I thought it'd be an easy transition for him and he'd be so excited to do something without babies around.  (he claims one of the teachers was wearing their baby and that he didn't like that.  So much for big kids only.)  :)

I should of known better, since nothing ever seems to be easy for Miles. 

The kid clung to me and cried when I dropped him off. He kept saying, "me want to stay with you forever."  "me want to stay at home with Crew!" I had to pry him off and hand him over to his teacher.  I did not in the least expect him to act like this.  Way to break my heart.

I probably would of just stuck him back in the car and drove away with him, if the thought of 2 1/2 hours with just Crew wasn't so tempting.

When I picked him up at noon he can running out with a huge smile on his face and gave me a giant hug.  He was missing his backpack though and the art project all the other kids were holding. When I questioned him about his art, he responded, "Me did it, but then me rip it up".  Of course.  

The only thing he told me about his day was that they sat on the floor and he didn't want to sit.    

Sometimes I just don't know what to do with this kid.

I think it was a successful first day though.  He used the bathroom, he made new friends, and he can't stop smiling.  I'm just praying his teacher has a lot of patience and love for this kid, because they are both going to need it.  

Since we are on the topic of Miles, I need to share a few incidences that are typical Miles:

- After getting in trouble for punching Crew, he responded "But it was a nice punch."

- During our first day of school photo shoot he found a worm and could not be parted with it. I even caught him trying to sneak it in the house.  boys.  

- This summer he went though a phase where he kept sticking his head in the toilet. One day I heard screaming and I found him with his feet off the floor, head in toilet, arms trying to hold himself up on seat.  If I wasn't afraid of him drowning, I would of grabbed my camera.  It scared him, so we are hoping we have reached the end of self swirlies.   

- When he wants to do something sneaky he says, "Go Away!"

- When he's hungry instead of saying "I'm hungry, can I have some cereal?"  He says "My tummy is rumbly" or "My tummy not full yet" or "Me wanna eat something".  

- He told me he is too big for hugs and kisses and that I kiss him too much and he made me promise to never hug or kiss him again. Luckily, he soon forgot his disdain for motherly affection and was soon found cuddling on my lap.  

Sometimes I just don't know what to do with Miles, but then he smiles and gives me a hug and it somehow makes it all worth while. 

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Okay, the swirly story has me busting a gut! That is too hilarious.
Love having a post just about Miles. He keeps life fun & exciting. Love that he wanted to stay home with Crew.
nana and opa
Miles always makes me laugh! He acts like his Aunt Jill did at that age. Must be something about being the middle child.

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