End of School

Jun 16, 2017
The kids had a blast the last few weeks of school.

I got to go with the 1st grade to the zoo.

I even got to sit by one of my best friends on the bus ride.

I got the cutest group of Miles' friends and it has been my favorite field trip I've gotten to go on by far. 

I just love these little first graders.  

This stud finished Preschool.  

I don't know if either of us are ready for him to start kindergarten, but I know he's going to rock it.  I just don't want to part with him everyday.

M&M had field day, soak your teacher, dance festival, and the 4th grade did an entire Harry Potter themed week. Good times.  

We had the best teachers ever, again!  

As you know I was terrified about first grade with Miles...terrified.  But Mrs. Allen was the absolute perfect fit for this kid.  When I would talk to her about Miles related things, she'd just look at me like I was crazy, because that was not the Miles she saw in class. :)  She was soft spoken, kind, fun, positive, and patient.  I told her I'd send his 2nd grade teacher to her for tips.  

Macey lucked out again and got Mrs. Tingey.  The year was filled with awesome science experiments and all things Harry Potter.  She really help Macey expand her love of reading and learning.  We are so sad she's moving and won't be at our school anymore. 

If next year goes half as well as this year, it will be a good year. :)  And yes, I'm a bit heartbroken over the fact that these 2 will be 2nd and 5th graders next year.  It just doesn't seem real.

We did our normal last day of school things.  Went to the park with some of our favorite friends and then had our first neighborhood movie night of the summer.  

And Macey's summer bucket list made my heart happy.  

- Go to Pearrygin
- Read and watch all the Harry Potters
- Go backpacking
- Go camping
- Go hiking

We've done something right and this is a bucket list I can get behind.  

Life doesn't get much better than summer days with these guys.  
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BAck to school....Again

Sep 13, 2016
We have been back in the swing of things for a few weeks now and it's been going smoother than I anticipated.  

This summer was quite crazy and for the first time ever, I was actually a little bit happy for the kids to be back in school.  Miles really wore me down this summer and having him in full day school has been quite refreshing.  

We had our annual back to school dinner.  

We got home from Bear Lake the day before school started, so I tried to get the kids to do Happy Meals for the back to school dinner.  Shockingly, they refused, and wanted what we always have, brown bag lunches.  Thank goodness I picked something simple from the beginning and didn't copy all those crazy pinterest people.  

Macey was all excitement to go back to school, just like always.

She has an amazing teacher and Macey was very happy to find out her new teacher loves Harry Potter just like her.  

 I cannot believe she is in 4th grade.  Like really, can not believe it.  This should not be happening. 

They did some assessments before school started and I was a bit nervous for Miles, remembering how horribly things went last year.  This year was a huge improvement! While I was the only parent that actually had to go in with their first grader instead of waiting in the hall,  he at least spoke and communicated with the teachers and they were as kind and patient as could be.  

Miles told me he was only going to go to the first 2 days of school and the last 2 days.  Luckily, he came home loving school and has gone back everyday since.  

I'm not saying he goes happily everyday.  It is still a battle most mornings to get the kid fed and ready, but we are getting there and I will not give up.  Homework is another story and another battle that I don't always have the energy to fight. :) 

Then there is Crew.  

This kid has been dying to go to school  His day finally came and it was all smiles and excitement.  Ruby had to get in on his photo session.  

He went into preschool as happy as could be, posed for a picture, and then went and read books with the rest of the kids.  I didn't even know what to do with myself, it was the first time in a long time I wasn't actually needed. I didn't even break a sweat. What a difference from Miles.  

The only issue we had at preschool drop off was Ruby thought she should get to ride in Crew's seat, since she's the big kid home with me now. So, after dragging a kicking and screaming Ruby into her seat, I actually was sweating and it felt like a normal school drop off for me. :)  

These kids have the most amazing teachers this year and I am so grateful.  You cannot replace a great teacher and I am thankful everyday for these teachers and the time and love they give these kids.

And I am so glad I get this crazy one all to myself for a few more years.

And, I need to report, this was the first year I did not cry sending the kids back to school!  I am getting better at this letting go thing.  

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Yay, back to school! They are going to have a great year with their wonderful teachers. I love that Macey's favorite color has remained white since she was little.
haha, I love Miles' goal for the year :)

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School's out for summer

Jun 8, 2015
It has been an amazing school year for these two.  

August 2014

May 2015

Let's start with Miles. This kid has loved every minute of preschool. Last year he always talked about how Miss Karli was his best friend, but this year, he actually made friends in his class!! Although Miss Karli was still in the top five. :)  

He pretty much had the best preschool teacher ever and I'm sure I'll be calling her next year crying and asking for advice. She's just one of those teachers that was able to see Miles for who he really was and was able to work with and motivate him in the most positive way possible.  

I seriously almost cried at the parent teacher conference having to say goodbye to her and having the fear that he might not be as lucky in the teacher department next year. 

We are also devastated to be done with Talking Time.

Miles' speech has come so far from when we started almost 2 years ago.  Once again he had some of the best teachers ever and I will miss them.  They never got frustrated with him and just worked and worked to find out the best way to motivate and get him to perform at his full potential.  

He is so ready for kindergarten thanks to these 3 amazing teachers and is always talking about how he needs to read and do his homework this summer cause he's going to be a kindergartner. :)

I have tons of anxiety about how he will do next year in a public school setting, but I've already met with the principal to discuss his needs and I really feel like they are willing to work with us! But really, who couldn't love this kid?!?  

I CANNOT believe Macey will be a third grader!  I of course shed a few tears after dropping her off on the last day of second grade.  

She has grown so much this year, made lots of new friends, kept her love for school and already misses it, one week into summer.  Plus, the clothes she wore on the first day of school don't even fit her anymore. :(

I'm am over joyed to have her home with me for the whole summer though and I guess I'll just have to make sure we have lots of fun, so she won't miss her school friends too much.  

I also have to document some of things I did for Teacher Appreciation Week.  It was a crazy couple weeks getting ready, but I think it all turned out and I hope the teachers felt the love.  

We celebrated school getting out by meeting some of our friends at our favorite park (meaning no swings) on the last day of school.  

And then ended the day with our first neighborhood movie night.  

it's a good thing I love summer so much, or I might still be crying over the fact that these kids won't stop growing.  

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You are a rock star mom. I admire how fiercely you fight for Miles' needs. It's really cool. I also love how completely you adore Macey and have such a close relationship with her. I can see that lasting for your entire lives.
Macey changed a ton this last year. I love how Miles is always wearing his Ninga Turtle shirt. Miss Karli is a gem and she is so right about how smart Miles is.
Macey changed a ton this last year. I love how Miles is always wearing his Ninga Turtle shirt. Miss Karli is a gem and she is so right about how smart Miles is. You did a great job on your doors and pop. Your starting out with a great summer.

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Back to School

Sep 3, 2014
I can be in denial no longer.  The new school year has begun!

We had our annual brown bag back to school dinner.  M&M loved it.  Miles made sure "one of the special kids" got to say the prayer.

Every year I go through my books and pick a few of my favorites to read those first few days of school. You know, to remind them to be brave, nice, grateful, and of course remind them that they are loved. 


Macey started 2nd grade!! 2nd grade, as in the grade I used to teach!! I knew this day would come, but not this fast.  

There was very little apprehension from her this year.  She's a pro at the school thing now. 

I of course cried the whole drive home from dropping her off. 

This year was easier on Miles too. But man, these 2 just love each other and rarely fight.  Some days are especially long for him as he waits for school to get out and homework to get done.  

This picture says it all. 

Macey also lucked out and got 2 of her favorite friends in her class this year. 

It's going to be another great year.  And as Macey keeps telling me, "Mom, I'm in your favorite grade now!"

It's always hard for me to adjust to having Macey gone, since she's such a help with the boys.  And I was seriously dreading, having nightmares, about how we would survive any outing without her.  

After we dropped her off, we went to the library and Miles said "Mom, I be your big helper now!". And he really was!  Crew is a bolter, but Miles kept hold of his hand for me when I couldn't.  He entertained Crew while I checked out our books.  And he even watched Ruby in the stroller when I had to change Crew's diaper.  

And he is always the first to Ruby's side when she starts crying, which 90% of the time she stops the moment she sees him.  

Speaking of Miles, he started preschool today.  

He is in the same preschool as last year, so it was all excitement and no nerves. Plus, he's been dying to wear this shirt ever since i bought it last month. 

 He has been missing Miss Karli all summer and has been counting down the days till he could give her a big hug.  I still remember how heart wrenching it was on the first day of school last year to pry a crying Miles off of me and hand him over to Karli.    It was no problem this year.  

The best moment though was at pick up.  

Miss Karli was leading the kids out to sit on the grass to wait for their parents.  I'm watching as all the kids walk out with their arms folded and trying to stay in a line, searching for Miles.  I don't see him.  Then all of a sudden a shoeless child with a backpack over his face comes running through the gate.  Oh my gosh, it was hilarious.  I just love this kid. 

I don't know why they think it's ok to keep growing, but they claim they can't help it.

And Crew was not to be left out.  While taking Miles' picture this morning he comes running over to me, "My picture too, Mama!"  Good thing I still get him all to myself for another few years.  

And this girl, of course, too.

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I love these pictures! and I also love that Macey's favorite color has been white for so long. :)
I love these pictures! and I also love that Macey's favorite color has been white for so long. :)
You were made to be a momma. It's so fun to hear you talking about your kids.
You are such a good mom! I love how you picked books to read them before school and the reminders for them. I agree they are growing way to fast and Macey should not be in your favorite grade yet. Holly I also love that Macey's favorite color is white, maybe because it goes with everything. Good thing you get Crew & Ruby for a bit longer.
nana and opa
They are growing up way too fast! I look at our other 4 and 3 are teenagers and Brooklyn insists she's a pre-teen! Keep them little ss long as you can!

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School's out for summer

Jun 3, 2014

Man, this little preschooler has grown up a lot this year!  Kind of makes me sad he's leaving his toddler days behind.  
Miles has been so lucky this year in the teacher department.  As you all know he can be a handful and Miss Karli always handled him with love.  It was not an easy year for Miles, or myself, and I was so glad we had Karli in his corner when other adults in his life labeled and underestimated him and his abilities.  

If you ask Miles who his best friends are Miss Karli is always in the top 3.  

He also got lucky with his Talking Time teachers.  They were amazing and never had a shortage of ideas to motivate him.  They had to work hard to get this kid to focus, but it paid off.  He is saying sounds and words, that were next to impossible 5 months ago.  

Miles is one of those kids you really have to love if you want to be able to reach him and I know these teachers all loved him.  Because of that he has learned so much this year and it has given me hope that he will survive public school. :)  


This was a hard and emotional year for Macey, mostly due to me being so sick for pretty much the entire school year.  

There were weeks where she called me everyday and I had to drag my pukey self over to the school to calm her down.  I am so grateful for Mrs. Cobia being understanding of our home situation and taking the time to give Macey what she needed.  

My favorite thing about 1st grade was seeing Macey turn into a reader!  It's so awesome to be able to watch a kid when it just clicks and see this whole new world open up to them.  I love being out with her and watching her read everything!  She started the year on a level C and ended it on an M.  Love it!

Macey's Favorite Things about First Grade:

- Reading and math and art
- When I read her Mrs. Piggle Wiggle 
- Favorite Book: Rainbow Magic Fairies series
- Favorite Field Trips: Zoo and Children's Museum
- favorite thing about Mrs. Cobia- How she liked to tease and trick us

While Macey's kindergarten year flew by, this year was the complete opposite! Even though I am sad they are getting too big, I am glad this year is behind us and am excited for the changes to come!   Love these 2 "big kids".   

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nana and opa
Thanks for putting up the "before" and "after" pics. It's wonderful to see how much they have grown. So proud of all the hard work Miles had put in to talking time.
Love the photos - they have grown up so much this year. I love how Miles still has his T-Rex shirts. They are such wonderful kids!! Love them!

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