Dr. pepper

Feb 11, 2014
So, at the throat doctor yesterday I was informed that I must stop drinking all pop.  To some I know this isn't a big deal, but to me this is huge...huge.  

I drink 1-2 cans a day, on average.  Dr. Pepper helps me to feel sane when my children have gone crazy.  It's my reward for working out or cleaning the floors. When I'm super nauseous, I can sip on it and it helps me feel better.  When I'm exhausted from car pool or running errands, I can run through McDonald's drive thru for one and I feel instantly better. And after I throw up, it helps to numb my sore throat.  

Today is my first full day with no Dr. Pepper and let me tell you, it has sucked.  

For starters, I'm of course throwing up, which makes me about a million times crankier to begin with.  On top of that Miles has forgotten how to use a normal voice and is just whining, crying, or yelling whenever he wants something or doesn't get his way.  Crew, being the copy cat that he is, is also yelling and screaming about everything today.  Now, Macey is throwing a fit because she doesn't know how to spell "better". 

Normally, I would lock them in their rooms and sit down and drink a nice, cold Dr. Pepper and it would help my troubles to melt away.  Today all I have for comfort is a glass of cold water and they of course won't stay in their rooms anyways. 

I guess it's time for me to come up with a new coping strategy, and fast. Plus, I better see some quick results in the improvement of my throat, to make this worth it! 

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um. this is horrifying. my first instinct on reading this is to bring you a Dr. Pepper today when I come! haha. I'm so sorry. we'll find you a replacement :/
Like you I am trying to give up my diet pop. Hate it! Try some gatorade on ice, I know it's not the same. Can you look anymore adorable pregnant?!?
I am sorry about your Dr. Pepper. I'm sure it's rough to give the only thing that makes your nausea better. Praying the next 14 weeks fly by for you.
This is a crisis. Whenever I think of Dr. Pepper I think of you, and vice versa. It's part of your identity!! ;) I hope you find a replacement. That's the worst when you have something that makes it all better and then you have to give up that something. Suck. For me it's corn chips! Hope your throat gets better. You make me laugh ;)
So sorry Kelsey :(
So sorry Kelsey :(
well let's just say i hope you never start drinking anything heartier, cuz i'd hate to see you giving up energy drinks or coffee! how about some sonic ice to crunch on?

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Jan 7, 2014
In case you missed it, I am pregnant, due May 13th!

Prepare yourself because I am about to complain, a lot, about being sick. I only had to endure the worst of it until about 18 weeks and I know people who never get any relief, so for that I am EXTREMELY grateful and feel very lucky. Plus, I get to have a fourth baby, which I could not be more excited about!!

But, sometimes I think people need to know what is really going on and why I might look slightly annoyed when you recommend I try ginger or B6 or you share your stories about "morning sickness" or being nauseous or wishing you could throw up. 

So, I thought I'd give you a little glance into what life in our house has been like for the past few months.  This is so maybe you'll understand why I don't answer my phone, why I quickly walk past you in the hall at church (where I've only been attending the last hour to teach my primary class), why I wear the same clothes 3 days in a row, why none of my children's hair is ever combed and Miles wears sweat pants everyday, why I seem unfriendly or less talkative than normal...

I also want to record this just in case I get a crazy idea in my head to have a 5th kid.  I can't even count how many times I have cried to Paul about not being able to do this and swearing I will never do this again. But, now that I'm through the (hopefully) worst of it, one more pregnancy doesn't seem so bad. ;)

The beginning of this pregnancy was the hardest of the 4.  I don't know if it's because I've had a schedule to keep this time (last pregnancy, no one was in school) or if it's because there's 3 of them now or if it's because it started at 5 weeks instead of my normal 8. 

I wanted to keep track of how many times I threw up this pregnancy for curiosity sake, but when I hit 30x before the first week was out, I stopped.  It was just too depressing. 

I was lucky this time around though, for the first 2 months I was pretty much able to keep an apple (w/ no peel of course), 1/2 a slice of PB toast, and a popsicle down every day. This kept me somewhat functional and kept me off an IV. Sadly though, even Dr. Pepper made me sick, the one thing I'd always been able to rely on before.  

This pregnancy has really affected Macey, which has also made it worse.  She worries about me being left at home alone, because then who will bring me water to the bathroom when I'm throwing up.  She's been having anxiety problems and doesn't want to have kids anymore because she doesn't want to get sick like me. She was having accidents at school and I had to go pick her up multiple times because she was feeling sick (I of course looked a mess...hair in a high bun, no make up, dried throw up on my clothes...you get the idea).  I couldn't go on her class field trip and she just cried. Way to break my heart. I actually had to tell her I was pregnant when I was about 8 weeks along, because I swear she thought I was dying.  She was a little better after that.  

I've tried to not disrupt their lives with this.  But there is now constant talk of throwing up at dinner.  Macey and Miles are always saying how they need to throw up and will run into the bathroom at random times during the day.  

In order to help us survive I hired a house cleaner and Holly as a part time nanny 3 afternoons a week, which has helped to keep our lives sane. Paul has also been able to stay until the kids are off to school, so he feeds, dresses, and packs lunches.  It's been a life saver and he's a Saint.

We've also been blessed with incredible friends who were able to see past the facade I was putting up and stepped in to help with meals, watching kids, picking up my house, and letting me come lay on their couch for a change of scenery. 

At one of my many ultra sounds, I was throwing up while on the table. The ultra sound tech then told my doctor zofran wasn't working, so I got on reglan.  While the side effects were pretty annoying, drowsiness mainly, it actually made a difference and there were moments throughout the day where I could actually interact with my kids.  Sadly, I had to stop taking it after 5 weeks, because I developed a bad reaction, which could of turned permanent.   But, it got me threw 5 weeks of life with throwing up only a few times a day and a slightly more manageable haze of nausea and allowed me to slowly follow my kids around Trick or Treating, with the help of the stroller to keep me upright.

During the first month or so I was actually taking about 5 or 6 different medications a day to help me function and I have just now started attempting to take my pre-natal vitamin.  Thank goodness for good drugs, even if they don't completely take it all away. 

The biggest issue I've had this time around is my throat though.  I don't think it healed all the way from Crew's pregnancy and is constantly irritated and bleeding (yes, I"m taking an antacid).  Usually my throat doesn't start bleeding until about week 20, this time it was week 5.  It has made it so I cannot read books to my kids, it makes me sound like I have a constant cold, and it just plain hurts. Otter Pops have become my friend and luckily I could keep them down pretty well at the beginning and they helped to numb my throat for a few min. each day.   Don't worry, I have an appt. with a throat specialist in Feb. 


Just before Thanksgiving though I saw my first glimmer of hope...I made it through a trip to Target without having to throw up!  Once the beginning of December hit, I didn't base my food decisions solely on what would taste best coming back up.  I have also noticed that the moment I walk into a store, restaurant, or person's house I'm not scoping out bathroom location first thing. 

While I still spend a good portion of my day laying on the couch, I have started doing light cleaning, I'm trying to cook dinner twice a week, I can make it through carpool without the need of my throw up bag, I even went to a BYU basketball game last week without the need to run to the bathroom. It's been awesome and I think my kids are the most happy about it.  Plus, with Holly's help, I've actually been able to take Miles and Crew places once a week, that I still wouldn't be able to manage on my own.  

I figure now I'm more like a typical 1st trimester pregnant person: slightly nauseous, tired, and only throwing up a few times a week.  If it stays like this for the rest of my pregnancy I will be thrilled.  The fear is still there about it coming back, it has before. And then there's the threat of bed rest, but that's another story.  

So for now, I'm just enjoying the ability to get through a Costco or Target shopping trip without the need of a throw up bag and still having my dignity slightly intact at check out.  

This is the end of my complaining if any of you made it through all that.  And bless you pregnant people who are sicker than me, may you get a calm, happy, and fat baby. :)

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The last picture shows how it is all worth it. How could you not live with sweet little Crew. Can't wait to meet our sweet new baby girl. I'm so sorry it has been so bad and most sorry that I am not there to help. I'm glad you wrote about how your pregnancy has been. Now I need you to write for me what my life has been like the last few years living fibro. I hope that you are past the worst of this. I'm anxious for you to go to the throat specialist. Love you!
Feel better, so sorry :(
First of all, congratulations! You are a very selfless woman to allow yourself to go through that for a baby. When I first started reading this it sounded a lot like my life but then it just got worse and worse. I should feel blessed it's not worse. I can't believe you are throwing up so much that your throat is bleeding. I am SO sorry! I am grateful you have good people in your life who are helping you. I haven't had one person other than my spouse and mom go out of their way for me. I think that they must think to themselves that I'm not really sick...I'm just pregnancy sick...so it doesn't count. I really hope you continue feeling better. Hang in there Kelsey.
Oh man, YOU are a saint! Two thoughts kept running through my head as I read that. 1 - how dare I complain at ALL about any of my pregnancies, and 2 - I'm so glad you suffer through all that, because you are truly my Mom Hero/example. Your kids are incredibly lucky to be yours, and I'm just as pleased as can be that another of God's children gets to be yours. You do such a great job with your kids, and you obviously love it if you're willing to go through all that four times (and contemplate a fifth!) and bottom line, I just think your kids are so lucky to have you.
Nana and Opa
So glad to hear that you are a little feeling better. No worse feeling in the world than nausea.When we left I told Gips that I wished we live close enough for us to do your carpool for you. Praying that you continue to feel better each day.

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Yes, I am still pregnant.

Jun 15, 2012
Today I am feeling very done with this whole pregnant thing. If one more person tells me how huge I'm getting or surprsingly says, "You're still pregnant?!?" I think I might scream or just break down in tears.

I've decided there are really very few things you should actually say to a 9 month pregnant person. The first being, "You look great!" and the second being, "Can I get you a cold beverage?". Other than that, there really isn't much to say. :)

Despite today's grumpy attitude though we have been having fun these last few weeks enjoying summer before we add a newborn to the mix.

We've spent lots of time at the pond. Which is my favorite since I can just sit in my chair and sip on a DP while I supervise.

We've also frequented The Riverwoods Splash Pad. It's become a nice afternoon diversion for the days that Miles refuses to nap.

We've also tried to go to Seven Peaks a few times, since I'm pretty sure I won't be hanging out there once this baby finally makes it's appearance.

And luckily for my sanity Macey and Miles have been playing really well together, I"m praying it lasts.

If I do not have the baby this weekend (which I probably won't) I will be scheduling my induction Monday for sometime next week. It's so nice to know that there is an end in sight and I will get to hold this baby soon! Maybe having a date set will actually motivate us to get anything ready for this baby.

You know because the crib looks like this:

and the baby's dresser isn't any better:

I don't know what my deal is, but I've never been so unprepared! Good thing babies aren't too picky, otherwise we'd be in trouble. So, here's hoping for a productive and exciting weekend.

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Maybe you should remind those people that you're not due for another 2 weeks. They can't start saying, "You're still here?" until AFTER your due date. Which you won't get to. I see some onesies in that drawer, you're totally ready.
Kelsey, you look great! If you have a choice, you could be induced on the 20th or 21st, not that I guessed one of those days or anything! Good luck this weekend, let me know if you need anything! I'm super excited for you!
Maybe your deal is that you've already done this a couple of times and you know all that kid will need for weeks is you, blankets, onesies, and diapers. Why set anything up? You'll just have to wash the dust off again before it really gets used. I love the 7 peaks pic with your belly! I am excited to find out who this little Navasard is.

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Filling Time

Feb 28, 2012
Is it just me or do the hours between post-nap and bedtime last forever? And then add in the fact that Paul rarely seems to be home by bedtime, makes these hours even more torturous around here.

Instead of relying solely on our i-devices to pass this time, we've been going on some late afternoon adventures. Well, that is on the days I can pull myself off the couch, which luckily is happening more and more often these days.

We've ventured to The Bean Museum and Miles actually got and loved doing the scavenger hunt this time.

Since that scavenger hunt was such a success, we went on a neighborhood one too (found here).

Upon returning Macey and I made another one, which is now waiting until the next warm day to be used. An added bonus of this activity, they were so exhausted from all the running around, that they happily were in bed by 7:00.

We've also been walking to Pet Store when the weather allows, nothing like looking at the cute kittens and puppies to brighten ones day.

Today we lucked out and it snowed! We threw snowballs, made snow thrones, and I even got some housework done while they ran crazy outside.

Love snow.

In other news, we finally painted Macey and Miles' room orange. I know, what took me so long? There is still nothing on the walls, but I figure I'll get around to it eventually

Before Color

After Color

Makes me happy every time I walk in their room. Oh, and they love it too.

And lastly in pregnancy news, I'm starting to show and am slowly feeling better! While I still throw up a few times a week and still feel sick most days, it is much more mild and I've found if I keep semi busy I can almost forget that I feel sick for a little while.

And since I'm sure you're dying to see, here's some pics of my ever growing belly:

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AHHHHH!!! I need to come see Macey's hair cut!!!
I guess you really are pregnant. I thought maybe you'd been faking it this whole time ;-). I agree with you, the post-nap part of the day is the WORST. I'm glad you've been able to get out of the house and find some fun things to do.
I love Macey's haircut! I am impressed you get out of the house after naps. It seems like there's NEVER enough time to do anything if I'm going to make dinner, too, but if we stay home the time just d...r...a..g...s. It's awkward.
Nana and Opa
Love the new paint!

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Life According to my iPhone, again.

Jan 25, 2012
I haven't gotten my real camera out since Christmas, so I have become extremely grateful that my new phone takes much better much pics than my last one. And the fact that they upload to my computer w/o a cord or me having to do anything... priceless.

One of the more exciting things that has happened around here is, I put real clothes on! This may seem minor, but believe me it isn't. Besides, the weight I've lost has helped me to fit into clothes that haven't fit for quite sometime. :)

To celebrate the fact that I no longer lay on the couch all day, we've been doing lots of art. Since it's still too much work for me to actually leave the house. :)

After this particular session, I had to lay on the couch for the next few hours to recover though. Luckily Miles' smile ended up making it worth my while.

We were thrilled we finally got snow to play in. And I was happy I had enough energy to, not only get kids dressed for the snow, but also go out and actually play in it with them.

Miles ended up having to be contained indoors while we finished our snowman, because he kept tackling them. Oh, Miles.

Macey has decided that in her dream world it would snow for half of the day and then be hot the other half. That way she could do her two favorite things each day, play in the snow and play in the water. I told her she might just have to settle for summer and winter, she seemed ok with that.

Another common Miles behavior, emptying everything. This is what happened while Macey and I were cleaning out her dressup closet. Most days I don't know what to do with that kid, luckily I think he's the cutest thing, so I haven't given him away just yet.

On a side note, I've noticed there are a few things that make me (probably most mom's) very happy. Although I know they really have nothing to do with my parenting skills (which are pretty non existent at the moment), I can't help but smile when I see them happen.

The first is, catching them reading.

and the second, when they're actually enjoying hanging out together.

Makes all the millions of messes, all my throwing up, and all the tantrums, somehow worth it.

And another thing that has made this week much more bearable, tomorrow I have my ultra sound! Macey can't wait to see pictures of the baby, and neither can I.

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What tools are those your kids used to paint with? They look cool. We are planning on getting me an iPhone someday, as soon as Todd makes up his mind what kind of phone he's upgrading to. I didn't know it uploads my pictures without a cord! That is awesome. I can't wait to get mine! And, you didn't really just nonchalantly announce tomorrow you find out boy/girl, did you? Is it THAT ultrasound? You're not that far along, are you? What!
Yep, it's THAT ultrasound tomorrow, I'll only be 18 weeks though. But, as of now we don't think we're going to find out what we're having. We'll see how I feel when I actually get there though. :)
I'm excited about your ultrasound! I want to see them! If you decide to find out what you're having let me know ASAP.
Nana and O[a
Glad you're feeling better. I think Macey has a great ides....half the day warm and the other half snow. I wouldn't mind snow if it only lasted half the day!
Megan Pope
Did you make it through without finding out? If so .... props to you! I couldn't do it. And I love your shirt - looking good!
Your hair looks super cute!!

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